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13 going on 30 challenge outfit 21: Rule of three

Anyone who’s anyone that is in fashion knows about the rule of three.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 21: More layers


It’s basically making sure that your outfit has three elements (not including your shoes), so your top and bottom is your first and second piece respectively, then you add a third item to your ensemble to take your outfit from blah to brilliant. Your 3rd item could be anything – like a jacket, a scarf, or a statement accessory. It just lifts your outfit to something more interesting.

I don’t follow this rule religiously, but I do find I feel more polished if I add something like a scarf or a bracelet to my basic outfit. I’m really into sleeveless jackets at the moment, which is a great way to include a third item into an otherwise basic two piece outfit for summer. And you already know how I feel about statement necklaces.

So for today’s outfit for the 13 going on 30 challenge I had this rule of three in mind – a basic white tee and denim shorts is then given more interest with a layer of plaid. The plaid could be worn over the white tee, or tied around the waist. Then I decided to go bust with a fourth layer, the khaki jacket, primarily because it hasn’t featured much in my challenge outfits of late. So the khaki jacket is optional, but the plaid just makes the tee and shorts combo to something a little more than basic. Brown accessories accompany the outfit to make the focus more on the layers.

(By the way, the original pair of lace up sandals seem to have disappeared on Polyvore since I made my first post about the challenge, let’s just pretend these ones are the same ones!)

Do you follow the rule of three when it comes to your outfit?

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