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13 going on 30 challenge outfit 22: You’re hot, then you’re cold

What crazy weather Sydney is having at the moment. Last week temps were pushing very unforgiving early 40s (that’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for my lovely North American readers); this week we’re back down to manageable early to mid 20s.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 22: You're hot, then you're cold


Hot weather doesn’t agree with me. I know that sweating is the body’s very efficient way of cooling itself but I just feel so gross when it’s stinking hot. For some reason to me sweating after an intense workout session isn’t as bad as sweating on a hot summer’s day. I think because there’s always the promise of a shower after the workout, whereas in the other scenario a shower may not be within easy reach.

So what do you wear when the weather is all over the place? Layers. The rule of three also applies when you’re unsure about how the weather will turn out so you have a third item just in case all four seasons decide to show themselves in one day (cough *Melbourne* cough). This suede skirt by Alexa Chung for AG Jeans is perfect for those inclement days as it provides enough breathing room for warm days, but the fabric keeps the booty protected when the wind blows. The striped tank is great for those hot summer days, but then when the clouds turn up there’s the additional denim shirt that could be worn as a jacket over the tank. Sneakers might be a touch warm for summer, but you’ll be grateful for them when it starts raining.

How do you feel about hot weather?


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