13 going on 30 challenge outfit 24: Khaki and navy and stripes, oh my!

This outfit palette has some of my favourite colours – khaki and navy. I don’t normally wear green, but the right shade of olive or khaki works so well as a neutral colour and goes with pretty much anything.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 24: Khaki and navy and stripes, oh my!


Khaki jackets are a must in any wardrobe, capsule or otherwise, because it makes a refreshing change from the usual black or denim, and is such an easy topper to most outfits. My preference is an anorak-style with a drawstring waist (like the H+M one I’ve got in my selection), but I’ve also seen peacoats and duster coats in amazing shades of khaki which look fabulous.

I’ve recently only just gotten into navy blue, which is also a really versatile colour. I used to think it was a fairly staid, boring shade, reserving it for corporate ensembles, but ever since I bought a lovely shirt dress in navy I was hooked and have been picking up basic tees and tanks in it. Like khaki, it is a nice change from the usual blacks and greys that dominate my wardrobe, and while it is arguably not dissimilar to black, it can often give that an extra hint of colour to my otherwise monochromatic outfits.

For this outfit I wanted to add an element of print to an otherwise colour-blocky ensemble – the inclusion of the striped tank under the jumpsuit breaks up the big blocks of colour and draws attention upwards. I need not reiterate my love of stripes; but including stripes in your outfit is a great way of drawing the eye away from an area you may not necessarily be happy with. I kept the accessories simple and consistent in similar shades of brown.

What do you think of this colour combination and ensemble? Let me know in the comments below!

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