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13 going on 30 challenge outfit 23: Let’s eat out

Hubster and I used to enjoy going to really good restaurants in Sydney nd sampling the finest the city’s chef had to offer. Tetsuya’s? Ticked off he bucket list. Quay? Old school.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 23: Let's eat out


I also worked in an office where the owner and senior staff enjoyed a good restaurant or two. As it was a small company, we often had end-of-year financial parties, Christmas parties, “gee we did alright” parties at said places – Sepia, est., Marque.

Now, I get really excited when I read articles listing Sydney’s best burger places or pizza joints – places where we can take the family and be messy and noisy and no-one would bat an eyelid. In a lot of ways I prefer this way of eating. Sure, it was an amazing gastronomic experience eating at these places; the way the food was presented, the explosion of flavours in such small packages of food, the top-shelf service was second to none. Perhaps we’ll do that again one day.

But for now I’m sticking to the little family-owned Italian restaurant that’s down the road from us, where the food is cooked with love, and there is a box of crayons waiting at the table for my daughter so she can scribble on the paper tablecloth, where no-one cares if the kids are raising a racket. We’ll be going to the local Nepalese restaurant where the usual crowd are so noisy and boisterous that we can join in without anyone giving us the evil eye. Because eating as a family is meant to be fun and a chance to enjoy food together (even if there is the odd tantrum).

IF hubby and I ever had an opportunity to go out for dinner again, this 13 going on 30 outfit would be a great ensemble – although I’d probably wear heels instead of flats. The sleeveless jacket is such a versatile piece – it can be worn as a jacket, tied around the waist; as a vest, left open; or in the case, as a top, tied at the waist with a hint of lace from the bralette peeking out. White jeans are a little dressier than plain old blue jeans, and I thought with this monochromatic palette silver accessories were the most appropriate. A minaudiere to carry the very basic essentials (credit cards, licence, lippy, mobile phone) because sometimes I get sick of carrying out that huge diaper bag.

Where do you like to go when you’re eating out? Drop me a line below 🙂

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