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13 going on 30 challenge outfit 25: Cuff it up

Apparently, if anyone knows how to cuff shirt sleeves, it’s Jenna Lyons. And of course, there is a tutorial on how to cuff shirt sleeves the J.Crew way:

As much as I love style and fashion, I’m no fashionista by any means – I choose the style that suits me and my lifestyle. Cuffing sleeves on my shirts now means I can wash mountains of dishes without getting the sleeves wet. Given the practicality of my style, reading the above comments that accompany the steps in the tutorial confounds me. What on earth does “the goal of the cuff is to look considered, but not overly considered?” Does it mean that you wanted the cuff to look like you intended to cuff it, but actually you didn’t intend to? And “cuffing can make a polished shirt look lived in”. So wait, the shirt isn’t polished anymore after you cuff it? So you want to look half-polished?

I must admit, I have never thought about how I cuffed my shirt. To me it was roll the sleeves, typically following the cuff, until it reached the desired placement on your arm. And I didn’t often cuff my shirt; I normally only wore cuffed shirts to work and rolled cuffs were definitely a no-no. Nowadays I do like a rolling the cuffs of my sleeves; it does lend a stylish element to an otherwise boring old button up shirt, but I certainly don’t follow the steps above.

Outfit 24 of my 13 going on 30 challenge provides the opportunity to do rolled cuffs the J.Crew way with the denim shirt. It’s layered over the white tee, and when paired with this and the white jeans makes the all-white ensemble look less blinding. I think not cuffing the sleeves of the shirt would actually make the outfit look sloppy. With a good cuffed sleeve the denim shirt makes the whole outfit, to use the J.Crew tutorial terminology, more “considered”. Whether you do your own style of cuffing or J.Crew’s way is up to you.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 25: Cuff it up

What do you think of rolled shirt sleeve cuffs? Let me know!

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