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13 going on 30 challenge outfit 29: Jump around

The jumpsuit makes another (and last!) appearance for Outfit 29 of the 13 going on 30 challenge, and assuming that one didn’t sweat excessively in the previous wear of it, then it’s OK to wear again.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 29: Jump around


There is certainly enough discussion about how often you should wash clothes, not only due to reducing wear and tear on clothes but also the effect on the environment with the detergent from frequent washing. I personally wash most of my clothes after every wear, mainly because of child vomit or smearing of dirt (I am apparently a walking hand towel).

My favourite piece for layering, the sleeveless jacket, also makes its final appearance in this style challenge, worn untied over the jumpsuit. This piece of clothing has to be my favourite item in the capsule wardrobe, I would probably wear it with every outfit if I could. And it’s in one of my tried and true colours too, grey! Can’t go wrong with it.

How often do you wash your clothes? (No judgment here!) Let me know!

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