I have’t been doing very well in the NaBloMoPo challenge – no posts for the last three days.

The weekend has given the opportunity to take stock of what’s happening in the world; give thanks for the peace and safety of the country in which I live, for my family and the love we share; and remind myself to embrace the little things.

Business as usual on the 5 feet of style front come Monday.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 5: Friday drinks

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 5: Friday drinks

I can’t believe it’s November already. Why, in only a few weeks it’ll be Christmas and then before you know it, it’ll be 2016 and then all of a sudden the kids are going to university. How time flies when you’re not getting much sleep.

Once again it seems I didn’t think the capsule wardrobe much through when considering possible events during the month of November. This month is such a great month for catching up with friends for drinks because you can forget about it in December – people are too busy with Christmas parties and end-of-year celebrations to see you. Not that I actually get to go out these days mind you, but I have fond memories of going out for casual Friday drinks at the Opera Bar under the Sydney Opera House – what a view (nasty drink prices there though).

Of the shoe choices in my 13 item capsule wardrobe, the lace up sandals are probably the most appropriate for a night out drinking (and why would you want to wear heels when you spend most of the night standing? Well, that’s my experience at the Opera Bar anyway). I decided to use the sleeveless jacket as kind of like a sleeveless blouse, so keeping it tied up, but I put a pretty bralette under it so it peeks out and gives a sexy yet subtle detail. The black skirt is in suede so it would go nicely in both casual and dressier venues. I find gold to be more formal than silver so hopefully this makes up for the flat shoe choice; I also love statement cocktail rings to really pack a punch (pun not intended).

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 4: Thursday arm party

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 4: Thursday arm party

I’m all for a minimalist wardrobe, but I absolutely love the trend of stacked bracelets – an arm party, if you will. As a kid I was really into making my own jewellery and spent a lot of time making friendship bracelets (why are they called friendship bracelets in the first place?), threading beads onto beaded necklaces and collecting charms for charm bracelets. So this arm party trend is kind of like harking back to my childhood. In a way having a minimalist outfit and then having an arm stacked with bracelets is a nice juxtaposition, and if you have nice wrists and hands it really changes the focus of your look to your accessories.

For today’s 13 going on 30 challenge I had in mind a potential playdate at the park for my toddler so wanted something comfortable enough to run around, hence the shorts and sneakers. The plaid shirt is a nice touch of colour, and of course I had to have my arm party of friendship bracelets. Another throwback to my childhood – the backpack trend! I love that this more ergonomically-friendly bag option has come back in style because lugging so many things across one shoulder was really killing me. Picturing myself in this outfit, I do see a teen version of myself, living in the 90s, patiently listening on the radio for that song that I really liked and immediately pressing the red “record” on the cassette player so it would record the song. Ah, those were the days.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 3: Wednesday errands

Outfit 3: Wednesday errands
Before kids I used to fly by the seat of my pants – go out for drinks and dinner on a Wednesday night? Sure! A casual drive to the mountains? This weekend? In three days’ time? Sounds fabulous! No such luck these days – everything needs to be written down, scheduled to the minute, set in stone. Much like our furniture, which the infant has found much pleasure in tipping over.
To keep my sanity I try to schedule most things – Saturdays are ballet lessons, Sundays are swimming lessons, Mondays are park visits, Tuesdays daycare, Thursdays playdate, Fridays visit the grandparents… and this was just for the first born! Wednesdays are usually reserved for errands and doing groceries so it’s a usually a mad rush of a day. (What a glamorous life I lead!)
Essentials are: a big diaper bag (I love my Pacapod Phoenix, it fits everything), comfy flat shoes, pants or shorts (there’s no being dainty when you’re running in between stores carrying an infant and dragging a toddler), and a basic t-shirt (I prefer black or grey, but I went with white as it was in my 13 item capsule – asking for a big tomato sauce splatter right?). The jacket I added in case of that tomato sauce splatter.
How do you organise your week?