13 going on 30 outfit 2: at the races

At the races
I totally forgot today was Melbourne Cup day. Blame mummy brain on that. Given that I have two rugrats to tend to, Melbourne Cup really wasn’t on my radar anyway. So forgive my choice of outfit for Day 2, although I did consider it when selecting items from my 13 piece capsule wardrobe. (What am I talking about, 13 piece wardrobe, you say? Click here for more info on my 13 going on 30 challenge.) While I still used the items in my capsule wardrobe for a special event like today, other capsule wardrobe-rs would actually dip from outside the capsule and select a special occasion outfit that isn’t part of the basic capsule, but is an addition for days such as this. But I’m sticking to my guns 🙂
I previously wondered what the difference was between a romper and a jumpsuit. So it seems that typically a romper has shorter legs while a jumpsuit has long legs. “Romper” and “playsuit” are also used interchangeably, although the US seems to use the term “romper” more. Anyway, regardless of terminology, I decided to go with the romper today as it was the dressier of the 13 items in my capsule wardrobe. I paired it with the lace up sandals because when you’re watching a horse race you’re standing up most of the time anyway. Gold accessories also dress up the romper, and you can’t do a horse race without some sort of head gear.
I remember back when I was working in a corporate office, whenever Melbourne Cup day came around we would basically take the afternoon off to watch a race that runs for just over 3 minutes. Ah Australia, this is one of the reasons I love you! This outfit would stand up well for a drinking session at the pub, watching the race that stops the nation. Hope you all have a great Tuesday/Melbourne Cup day.

13 going on 30: capsule wardrobe challenge

13 going on 30
As part of my NaBloPoMo challenge I wanted to try my hand at a capsule wardrobe and feature 30 outfits that can be made from 13 items.
I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of the capsule wardrobe; that is, having a set number of items in your wardrobe (e.g. 33 pieces) over a period of time (e.g. 3 months), and not buying anything in that time. With a nod to minimalism and eco-fashion, the capsule wardrobe encourages you to maximise on what you already have and not participate in fast fashion that ultimately ends up as landfill only a few months later. It means purchasing and keeping high-quality, trend-transcending items that can be worn again and again. Proponents of the capsule wardrobe espouse on how much easier it has made their clothing choices in the morning; without any distracting items that are only worn every now and again, the capsule wardrobe really makes putting together an outfit that much quicker.
The challenge I’ve set for myself involves a 13-item capsule wardrobe which I’ll create 30 outfits from, one for each day of NaBloPoMo November. It will take into account the fairly warm but often changeable Sydney spring weather. Obviously the choices I’ve made below aren’t necessarily appropriate for a professional environment (I may try a corporate-friendly capsule wardrobe down the track), but are reasonable for a casual office setting. These could also work if you’re travelling to a location with a temperate climate and only want a carry on bag!
The 13 items include:
1. a light cotton khaki jacket (similar here)
2. a grey sleeveless jacket (similar here)
3. a chambray shirt (similar here)
4. a white tee (similar here)
5. a striped tank (similar here)
6. a plaid shirt (similar here)
7. a navy romper (similar here)
8. a black a-line button through skirt (similar here)
9. a pair of denim shorts (similar here)
10. a pair of white jeans (similar here)
11. brown leather lace-up sandals (similar here)
12. leopard print flats (similar here)
13. white sneakers (similar here).
The 13 items don’t include any accessories, jewellery, or handbags.  These reflect your personality so add as little or as much as you want in these categories 🙂
I think most people would have these 13 items in their closet, so come join me in my 13 going on 30 challenge! My first outfit is for #monochromemonday:
Outfit 1: Monochrome Monday
Here I’ve taken the striped tank, white jeans, and white sneakers to create a simple black and white outfit. A cap (because it’s hot in Sydney today), a black tote, classic black Wayfarers, an edgy bangle and a classic black leather watch complete the look.
What do you think of capsule wardrobes? What 13 items would you have included in the 13 going on 30 challenge?

5 Fab Minutes: The Blogger’s Edition (and it’s NaBloPoMo)

NaBloPoMo November 2015

What have I signed up for?!

So it’s NaBloPoMo month and I thought I’d take up the challenge and write a blog post every day for the month of November. What the what?! With the kiddos I’m having enough trouble getting to the computer as it is.

For the first day of this challenge I thought I’d adapt this interview of Nicole Richie from Popsugar to give you a little insight on who/what 5 feet of style is.

Today I’m wearing…
Dagwear – an old asos maternity dress that I altered to become a maxi skirt (this bakery is closed) and a nursing top. Definitely not glamorous! Perhaps this wasn’t the day to answer this question?

I heart Australia because…
Of its incredible weather (perhaps not today with the hail), the top shelf coffee, the diversity of cultures, and the laidback nature of life here.

via blog.brillianttrips.com

My handbag of choice is…
My Q mini Natasha bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs. I don’t carry much for myself other than a wallet, mobile phone, lipgloss and sunglasses, and this bag is the perfect size as well as keeping my hands free to tote infant/toddler/gigantic diaper bag.

image via nordstrom.com

In my carry-on case I pack…
My Michael Kors wallet, sunglasses from Specsavers, lipgloss (usually Burt’s Bees), hand moisturiser. This doesn’t include half the house that I carry in my diaper bag.

Australian style is…
Like the culture, pretty laidback and like Nicole says, seemingly effortless. To me, Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton of theyallhateus epitomise this.

via witchery.com.au

I rarely leave home without…

via pcadvisor.co.uk

My Motorola moto g phone.

Right now, my favourite item in my wardrobe is…
My rag & bone ripped boyfriend jeans. I bought them off gumtree and they are the softest, most comfortable denim I have ever worn.

yep this is me! from my instagram account 5.foot.style

The last thing I bought was…
A second-hand Esprit sweater and printed shorts, and Witchery tank top with studded shoulders, from Rozelle Markets ($5 each!).

My next big-ticket purchase will be…
In my dreams, this gorgeous Celine bag.

via celine.com

Labels I love include…
High-end designers: Balmain, Isabel Marant.
High-street: Country Road, Witchery.

via countryroad.com.au

This summer I’m inspired by…
Sincerely Jules.

via pinterest

My personal style icon is…
Jean Seberg.

via exquisitehugs.com

You’ll never see me wearing…

via pinterest

My favourite era for fashion was the…
80s, for sure. No such thing as minimalism then. It also had the best music!

via theberry.com

I would describe my personal style as…
Comfy, slightly tomboyish, with a touch of femininity.

via instagram 5.foot.style

If I could raid anyone’s wardrobe, it would be…
Alexa Chung.

via fashion-diaries.com

The best piece of style advice I ever got was…
Not necessarily about style but… if you keep thinking about it, buy it!

That’s Day 1 of NaBloPoMo done! Phew! Feel free to answer the questions about yourself and link back to me – I’d love to read your answers! Wish me luck for the rest of the month 😛