Capsule Wardrobe Outfits 2.7 and 2.8: This week’s work outfits

I don’t post about my work outfits as much as I would like, as typically I’m in a rush in the mornings to get to the office and I don’t have the time to look for a spot to find good lighting, set up the camera, make sure no-one’s looking etc.

Instagram Round Up: Feeling excited

I said this about the first week of my autumn capsule, but I’ll say it again for my winter capsule: I’m excited about it.

Inspiration: White Lace Blouse

After seeing the white lace blouse on several lovely ladies on Instagram, I was smitten. Today I became the lucky owner of this gorgeous Chantilly lace blouse from Bardot:

Inspiration: White Blazer (and IFB Links A La Mode!)

One of the things I enjoy about going back to work is not only the ability to have adult conversation, but as I work in the CBD I also get to do some people watching and get inspiration from the stylish ladies that work in the vicinity.