#NoSpendber Challenge update (and an additional style challenge!)

I had every intention to blog about my progress every week for my #NoSpendber challenge but the second week of November was jam packed with marking so there was no chance. However, the week that just passed also saw me participating in a different style challenge which is a good reason to blog about both.

Striped t-shirt refashion to lace up shirt

I mentioned in my post about the #NoSpendber challenge I’m currently undertaking that I discovered I had 8 striped shirts. In this blog post I’m going to share how I refashioned one of my striped shirts to become a lace up shirt.

How I clean my white sneakers

As part of the process in building a slow fashion, sustainable wardrobe, it’s also important to take care of shoes so that they last the test of time, without having to buy a new pair every couple of months or so because of damage or dirt. When King Ranch Saddle Shop asked how I cared for my leather shoes, I thought…

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All about the #NoSpendber Challenge

On Tuesday (the 1st of November) I announced on Instagram that I would be undertaking a personal challenge which I dubbed #NoSpendber. Here’s a little bit more on what it’ll entail and why I’m doing it.