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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Step 3 – Defining My Style (Part B)

Over on the blog I’m writing about 4 different sources of style inspiration.

In a nutshell, they are:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Instagram
  3. Personal style blogs
  4. Lookbook

Of the above, I personally use Pinterest, Instagram and style blogs. Below I’ll talk about how I use these sources to give me a sense of what style I like as well as provide outfit ideas and inspiration, so I can then plan my capsule wardrobe items accordingly.

Pinterest is my favourite way to find style and outfit inspiration. With a few keyword searches I can find a whole gamut of images and articles that relate to what I’m after, and can “pin” them to my online boards for future reference. I typically use Pinterest to get ideas on how to wear a particular item of clothing – for example, I have a khaki jacket which I’d normally wear with jeans and a t-shirt, but by doing a search on how others have worn their own khaki jackets I get so many more ways that it can be styled. I’ll usually pin images of outfits where I also own similar items so I can refer to them later if I’m in a style rut, and will occasionally pin an outfit as an idea for shopping the look later. Check out my Pinterest boards here!


I use Instagram in two ways – one. as a personal style diary; and two, as a way of finding outfit ideas. I try to post my outfits on a daily basis (except those ones where I’m just in my trackies, because that’s really not to be seen by anyone except my long-suffering husband), and this acts as a visual diary for me – what outfits look better than I thought they would, what outfits could be improved, what items of clothing could be donated. It’s also an excellent way to summarise my personal style – again, looking at my feed, it’s very casual, comfortable, minimal. This may change when I go back to work, but I don’t think it’ll be a significant change.

The other way I use Instagram is to follow like-minded or inspirational accounts to get style and outfit ideas. Some of my favourite accounts are simplytokyo, kaffeeundtee, beigerenegade, elementsofellis, is_the_new, leahbesancon, audreylombard… style Instagrammers who have a minimal yet classic aesthetic that really appeals to me. (Can you see a theme emerging? :D)

Instagram @leahbesancon

Personal style blogs are also a nice way to get ideas as well as getting an insight in the life behind the blogger. I don’t get an awful lot of time to read them these days, but I’ve always liked the images that Sincerely Jules has on her blog. She has a laidback, relaxed style that appeals to me – and her travel posts are can invoke a strong feeling of wanderlust.

via Sincerely Jules

In terms of capsule wardrobe planning, I’ll be using these sources in the following way:

  • Pinterest: research other capsule wardrobes to see what items of clothing are included in their sets; find outfit ideas for my key capsule wardrobe pieces and if I need to add anything to my wardrobe to complement these.
  • Instagram: find other accounts/posts that are similar to my own style and aesthetic, and use these to start thinking about what to include in my capsule wardrobe; continuing source of style inspiration.
  • Personal style blogs: research other capsule wardrobe style blogs (eg Unfancy) to see what items of clothing they’ve included in their capsules; outfit ideas; read about their learnings to incorporate these into my first capsule.

Read about the other steps in my capsule wardrobe planning process so far:

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And be sure to check out the blog to follow the tips there on creating your own capsule wardrobe!

Do you use any/all of these sources? Which one is your favourite? Do you have any others that you’d recommend? Let me know – leave me a comment below! x

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