DIY Wide Leg/Palazzo Pants (and petite styling tips)

Wide leg pants (also known as palazzo pants) are quite the trend, but a wee issue I have being a petite person is the length. They’re usually waaaay too long for me so that I have to chop off a good portion of the leg, and by the time I chop it off the leg shape has changed and it kind of sits funny. I’ve tried culottes as wide leg pants but this only works for a certain cut of culotte. Here I’ll talk about how I made a pair of my own DIY wide leg pants as well as how I style them from a 5’0″ point of view.

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Ankle boots for petites (and sorry for the blogging hiatus)

It’s pretty safe to say that given my ankle boot collection (currently sitting at about 8 pairs,and this doesn’t include pairs I’ve owned in the past) I am slightly obsessed with them. They’re a great choice of shoe for the transition seasons, and work so well with pretty much every item of clothing.

However, being 5’0″ AND having athletic legs means not all ankle boots are made equal – one pair that look amazing on my more lithe, long-legged gazelle counterparts can make my own legs look stumpier and shorter. So I decided I’d share my thoughts and tips with you on what ankle boots work best for me (and hopefully for my fellow petite readers).

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