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Week 3 and 4 of Frugal Fashion February

Woops, it’s already 6 days into March and I’ve only just gotten around to writing a round up of the last 2 weeks of Frugal Fashion February.

Frugal Fashion February

Another month, another style challenge. Well, this time it’s more of a fiscal challenge.

#NoSpendber Challenge update (and an additional style challenge!)

I had every intention to blog about my progress every week for my #NoSpendber challenge but the second week of November was jam packed with marking so there was no chance. However, the week that just passed also saw me participating in a different style challenge which is a good reason to blog about both.

All about the #NoSpendber Challenge

On Tuesday (the 1st of November) I announced on Instagram that I would be undertaking a personal challenge which I dubbed #NoSpendber. Here’s a little bit more on what it’ll entail and why I’m doing it.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 30: Home run!

I did it! Who would have thought, 30 outfits from only 13 items of clothing? It was DEFINITELY a challenge, believe me, but it did get my stylist head into gear to create some practical yet stylish outfits that could work in a variety of situations.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 29: Jump around

The jumpsuit makes another (and last!) appearance for Outfit 29 of the 13 going on 30 challenge, and assuming that one didn’t sweat excessively in the previous wear of it, then it’s OK to wear again.