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Life With Kids: Christmas in Sydney City

Some fun things for the little ones to check out in Sydney CBD in the lead up to Christmas!

I hadn’t really been “into” the Christmas decorations that Sydney CBD put on every year – typically I would go into work, do my thing getting paid, then escape as quickly as I can – but of course as children come along I wanted them to see what all the fuss was about to get into the spirit of things.

The last couple of years I’ve taken the kids to see the David Jones Christmas window display. Being fairly cynical about Christmas consumerism etc I never really got into it before. However, it’s a lovely display for little ones to check out and it made for a nice trip into the city for us.

If ever we go into the city we always try to go on a Sunday to take advantage of the $2.50 all day travel – parking in the city is ridiculous! Commuting with a double pram is a little tricky but with all the walking to be done it’s an essential part of our travelling gear.

This year the DJs window display featured gingerbread figures getting all the treats ready for Christmas. Taking photos with the window reflections proved more to be more difficult than I had thought!

Last year we went during the working week but pushing the double pram through the bustle of city workers was not much fun. This year, as we had gone on the Sunday I imagined the crowds at the windows would be pretty packed but it was surprisingly manageable – I think it was because we went fairly soon after DJs opened up the display and while most of the kids were still at school. I would imagine the crowds would be busier closer to Christmas and during school holidays.

After a sneaky gelato at Hyde Park (“why isn’t there a playground here Mummy?” Miss 4 asked – a reasonable question) we had a quick look at the Martin Place Christmas Tree.

Obviously it’s much more spectacular at night when all the lights are turned on, but with two kids whose bedtimes are about the same time as when the lights go on it’s not practical – at this stage in their lives anyway. The kids were pretty impressed with the height of the tree and the size of the baubles.

The fountain also caught their attention.

Our last stop on the way back to the bus was the Queen Victoria Building Christmas tree, which stands proudly right int he middle of the grand building.

Back to the crappy phone camera for this shot as Mr 2 was trying to escape the pram and I couldn’t negotiate him and the regular camera at the same time.

At both David Jones and the QVB we had the option to book ahead and get photos with Santa but I personally love our local shopping centre’s Santa (he’s got a real beard!) – he’s always lovely with all the kids and the photos turn out just as nice.

I’ll be sharing a few more posts talking about what we’ve done with the kids as part of a series of things to do with little ones in Sydney and beyond, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this one!

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5 thoughts on “Life With Kids: Christmas in Sydney City

  1. Oh the windows look great! 🙂 I should make a tradition like that with the boys, it sounds like fun!

    I’ve glanced at the Myer windows here as I’ve passed but not much else, rushing around getting stuff done in my lunch break from work. Most of the Christmas events in Brisbane seem to be in the evening and as you’ve said it’s too tricky with bedtime at the same time!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and your Christmas preparation is going well. After a crazy week I managed to wrap some presents which is good, although (as always!) I’ve run out of tape!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Ah so Myer do the windows in Brisbane? I’m much like you, when I was working in the city centre I’d always just kind of ignore all the Christmas hubbub and just do what I needed to do in the lunch break. Now I’m working outside of the city it’s nice to see what’s going on and take the kids too! It’s a shame a lot of the stuff goes on at night, the kids would love the lights and carols I think.

      Christmas prep is admittedly verrrrry slow, we’ll be interstate from next week so I think we’re going to be doing the mad dash to the stores just before Christmas! Eeeek! I’m so not up for it with this extra weight 😀

    1. Christmas is crazy busy but I just love watching the kids’ faces when they see all the lights and decorations – it makes the craziness less…. crazy! Hope your preparations are going smoothly (I haven’t even started!!)

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