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Outfit: Colour Blocking

When black is too black.

My late teens/twenties self would never have thought there was ever too much black. Corporate life and clubbing meant black was the most versatile of colours.

In my thirties however I find myself gravitating towards warmer shades, especially for winter. I may find myself packing black clothes for a winter trip to Melbourne, but at home in Sydney I’d rather wear a less sombre colour.

Also, there are times when I find wearing all black kind of washes me out a bit. As in, it makes me look a bit pale and uninteresting. That’s not to say that I don’t wear an all-black outfit every now and again – old habits die hard – but for the most part I tend to reach for other colours. Here are some of the warmer colours I love to include in my winter outfits.


I especially love this shade for coats and ankle boots as it makes for a nice change to black. I used to be a dedicated black coat wearer in winter but I’ve found that camel is much more flattering to my skin tone in the cooler months. The word “camel” however is not quite so flattering.


OK so grey isn’t that much of a stretch from black. I just love grey, any time of the year.

Burgundy/Berry Shade

I’ve only just recently jumped on the burgundy train and I just adore it. I’m not much of a fan of red (clash with my skin tone? Personality? Who knows), but the more muted shade of burgundy is just my thing. I purchased a gorgeous burgundy second hand leather jacket through one of my Facebook groups last year and can’t wait to bust it out on a particularly cold Sydney day.

I thrifted these Rag & Bone legging jeans from Vinnies in Newtown last year. The colour of these jeans is actually “mulberry” but it kind of has that burgundy vibe to it.


Like red, I don’t really do green (except for this Acne knit I bought from Carousell). I find khaki to act like a neutral and complements a lot of other colours well. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to styling the khaki vest and khaki pants for inspiration in the cooler months.

I colour blocked the first three colours in a warm outfit for a cold Sydney night as the fam bam and I headed into the city for the Vivid festival. The lights were spectacular as usual and there was a beautiful light and water show by Magicians of the Mist at Darling Harbour.

Silent Disco at Cockle Bay Wharf

The kids loved riding the Ferris Wheel at Darling Harbour

After a couple of hours however the kiddos were ratty. Being the weekend the festival was packed with people and it was past the kids’ bedtime. For those of you with young children who would like to do Vivid, I highly suggest doing it on a weekday and starting at 6pm on the dot (which is when all the lights turn on) – putting the kids to bed when they’re overstimulated and overtired isn’t much fun.

Outfit details:

  • Lioness coat (thrifted from Vinnies) – similar
  • Metalicus grey knit – similar
  • Rag and Bone Legging jeans – similar
  • Dolce Vita boots (bought secondhand from Carousell) – similar


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6 thoughts on “Outfit: Colour Blocking

  1. Love the colours in your outfit! I tend to wear a lot of burgundy when it gets colder too! 🙂 It’s a nice colour with neutrals.

    Good point about Vivid as well! I’d love to go visit and see it, but waiting until the boys are bigger and less likely to get cranky around bedtime is better!

    1. Yep, Vivid will definitely be better when the kiddos are bigger! Although they enjoyed themselves getting them to bed was a real task.

      Burgundy is such a great winter colour isn’t it? Such a nice change from black!

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