Graphic t-shirts and my favourite ways to wear them

With summer knocking on Sydney’s door I’m so excited to start busting out my collection of graphic t-shirts. Graphic tees are a great way to express your personality and style in one simple item of clothing. For this post I thought I would break down the different types of graphic tees available, my picks for which ones to add to your wardrobe to make sure they last the test of time, and my favourite ways to wear them!

1. The graphic tee.

OK, so is this a graphic graphic tee, I hear you asking? What I mean is the tee has a picture, photograph or illustration on it. When choosing a graphic tee it’s best to choose one where the picture says something about you, is a simple graphic, or is a classic illustration: a tee with a random picture on it (like Kate Moss smoking, or an emoji for example) doesn’t have a lot of longevity. I love this with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots – let the shirt make the statement.


My picks: Kenzo Tiger tee; Bassike dot tee (made ethically); Zoe Karssen bat print tee

2. The band tee.

I used to collect band tees when I was in my late teens and early twenties; I wanted something to remember those times I went to all those concerts and gigs! These days those tees have long gone, but band tees have had a bit of a resurgence in the last few years. As a bit of a music snob I believe that if you do wear a band tee, you kind of have to actually like and listen to that band – wearing a Black Sabbath shirt because it’s fashionable (when your playlist consists of Taylor Swift and Bieber) seems a bit weird to me, but that’s just me. Given their rock and roll feel, band tees look awesome with a pair of leather pants/leggings and heels.


My picks: Nirvana band tee (yes, I listened to these guys as a teen!); Rolling Stones tee

3. The label/logo tee.

The most ubiquitous one at the moment is Adidas Originals, and these look equally great with a pair of jeans or a metallic pleated skirt. Why Adidas Originals is having such a popularity surge is the timelessness and simplicity of the logo, and of course it does help that all the cool street style kids are wearing it. I actually love how fashionistas are pairing this athletic style top with skirts and heels, it’s a great fusion of feminine and athleisure in one outfit.


My picks: Adidas Originals; Assembly Label; Calvin Klein (wear it oversized with mom jeans for a total 90s look)

4. The slogan tee.

Think “TGIF”, “Celfie”, “I woke up like this”, “I’m with the band” etc kind of tees – the ones that have a single word or phrase emblazoned on it. I personally don’t do slogan tees, but they’re a cute way to express something about yourself or your mood for the day, but make sure that it isn’t too quirky, otherwise it’ll end up at the local opshops a year later. Like the logo tee above, when they’re styled with feminine pieces it can give an outfit a bit of a street vibe.


My pick: the Selfish Mother range (supports a range of charities)

5. The all over print tee.

Here I’m talking about a tee that has a print all over it; think leopard print, polka dot print, star print… you get the gist. For petites I prefer a smaller print as larger prints can be too loud, but that’s more of a personal preference than anything. Keep bottoms a basic neutral colour for an easy ensemble, or wear with stripes (for example) for print mixing perfection.


My picks: Oasis Animal Print tee; Maison Scotch Star Print tee

Tell me about your favourite graphic tees and how you wear them! Leave a comment below!

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