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This week’s Instagram Roundup

Another instalment of my Instagram roundup of the week and I’ve realised a recurring theme in my outfits.

The weather wasn’t great in Sydney the past week so there weren’t a lot of opportunities to take outfit posts OR I decided to just slum it out in sweats (not exactly Instagram worthy), but if you don’t follow me on Instagram here is a summary of what I posted with some links to similar items.


Wearing: Bassike striped shirt (refashioned from a dress) (similar) | Esprit denim shirt (similar) | Bracewell bomber jacket (similar) | J Brand Maria skinny jeans in graphite (similar) | Witchery “Liam” sneakers in leopard (similar, but pricey) | Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The cold weather meant a lot of layering was needed, so I took advantage of it by wearing four layers in this outfit: a black tank top underneath a striped shirt, underneath a denim shirt left unbuttoned, then a black bomber jacket on top. In this outfit, the striped top (by Bassike), the jacket (Bracewell) and the jeans (J Brand) were second hand.

The Bassike top was actually a dress which I bought off Gumtree, but the seller hadn’t mentioned that it had inexplicable stains on it – my bad really, as I should’ve checked the item before I handed over the money. Anyway, lesson learned, and I had to do all sorts of things to remove the stains. As well as some of the stains remaining after the hacks, the dress itself ended up being pretty shapeless and way too big for my small stature, so I decided to hack off the part that was stained and turn it into a boxy fit shirt.


Wearing: Forever New long cable knit cardigan (similar) | Princess Highway from Dangerfield chunky knit scarf (similar) | Marcs striped shirt (similar) | J Brand jeans as before | Cotton On socks (similar) | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers 

Yeah, these are the same jeans as the previous outfit, I’m one of those people who wears jeans more than once before I wash them. I probably give them 2-3 wears before they go in the washing machine. I don’t really understand the movement where you don’t wash the jeans at all, such as sticking the jeans in the freezer to kill any bacteria. Other than just sounding kind of gross, I don’t like the idea of the steak I’m going to eat next to a pair of jeans that have had my butt in it (even if I am wearing grandma undies).

Layers again were key this day as it was pretty chilly – the chunky knits definitely kept me warm that day. I finally caved in and bought a pair of Stan Smiths the other week, the other white sneakers I had bought were online and were disappointed that they were either a tad too big or a tad too small – another lesson learned? Buying shoes online do not work for me.


Wearing: Uniqlo cashmere jumper | Banana Republic navy blue shirt dress (similar) | thrifted black knee high boots (similar)

I love this Uniqlo jumper – it’s so soft and warm, and it allows me to have cashmere at a fraction of the price. (Thanks Uniqlo! #notsponsored #justloveit) I picked up the Banana Republic dress from my local Salvation Army store, and this was the first time I wore it out – to realise that it was a little long for my liking. The second last button on the bottom also kept unbuttoning itself. These little issues are easily fixed, and I suppose that’s one of the downsides of thrifting – it’s not always so ready to wear. However, I don’t mind tailoring or making it fit my own proportions – it’s something I’m used to being so darn short.


Wearing: Metalicus knit (similar) | Bassike jeans (similar) | Midas ankle boots (similar)

Ah grey. I would have to say that grey is probably my favourite colour. Here I’m wearing three different shades of grey to create a monochromatic look. The Bassike jeans I bought through eBay, and are the latest addition to my high-waisted bottoms collection. I’m finding these grey jeans are a little more user-friendly than my white jeans – firstly, they don’t seem to get as dirty as the white jeans; also, they’re grey. Did I mention grey was my favourite colour?

The recurring theme in my outfit posts? A lot of blue, grey, white and black. So it’s safe to say that these are my core colours, not only in winter but in general. I do have the odd injection of colour (this pink skirt, for example), which I hope to share soon… but clearly, these colours are my go-to!

That’s it for another Instagram roundup! Hope you have a great week! x

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