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Life with Kids: Calmsley Hill City Farm, Sydney

If you’re looking for a farm experience that’s still within Sydney city limits, Calmsley Hill City Farm is a great place to take the kids!

In October last year we decided to catch up with some friends and have a play date at Calmsley Hill City Farm. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the CBD and was a great day out with the munchkins (as well as an opportunity for the mamas to chat while the husbands chased after the kids).

If the kids have ever wondered what it’s like to work at a farm, or even see farm animals in real life, then Calmsley Hill City Farm is fantastic. My kids had never seen a goat before and at the farm they were able to feed them straight from their hands. Miss 4 was a little intimidated by them though – the goats weren’t shy!

The Shetland ponies were more to her liking. She and my friend’s daughter enjoyed patting and feeding them.

Of course we couldn’t forget the other farm animals – Miss 4 was intrigued to see so many different breeds of cow. Mr 2 enjoyed feeding the little calves.

While Calmsley Hill City Farm is primarily an attraction farm, it is also a fully functioning farm that breeds animals and grows produce for sale. It has daily live shows to show what it’s like to work on a farm, including working dogs, stock whip, sheep shearing and cow milking.

Being an attraction the farm also had non-farm animals such as a camel, koala and other natives, and a couple of peacocks – ahem – peacocking about.

If the animals and shows weren’t enough to entertain the kids there’s a little playground in the middle of the park to burn off any excess energy. While there is a great little cafe on the premises, we chose to bring a picnic lunch, which is much easier when all the kids are under 5 and just wanted to run around instead of eat.

You could also take a tractor ride around the premises (pretty bumpy though)! Being pregnant, I wasn’t a huge fan of the bumps, but Mr 2 loved it.

The kids have asked when we would be going to the farm again and we’ll definitely take them there again. We were only there really just over a couple of hours as the kids were getting tired with all the things to do but could see ourselves spending the day there once they’re older.

For more information on visiting Calmsley Hill City Fam, visit the website here.

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2 thoughts on “Life with Kids: Calmsley Hill City Farm, Sydney

  1. Looks like such a fun place to take kids! My little ones would love it, they are obsessed with animals! 🙂 There’s a small petting zoo here they’ve been to, but they’ve never been to a real farm before.

    1. It’s so nice to be in a little world from the crazy city life, and I think it’s great the kids can see how a farm works and where milk comes from – not just from the supermarket, lol! I think when the kids are older they’ll probably enjoy it a little more and be less tired, it was a pretty full on day.

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