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Life with Kids: Future Park at The Powerhouse Museum

Sharing my day with the family at The Powerhouse Museum’s latest exhibition, Future Park!

I pass by The PowerHouse Museum on my way to work and noticed one day a sign for the Future Park exhibition. The promo had a child playing with brightly coloured lit up balls. This piqued my interest and after reading more about it decided it would make for a great day out with the family.

It’s basically an interactive digital installation that’s powered by human interaction, with different areas for participants to interact. Upon entering the dimly lit exhibition, we were greeted by aforementioned light up balls. The balls change colour as soon as you interact with them (no kicking though).

There were two areas with different sized balls, the smaller area designed for 5 years and under. Of course, my kids wanted to play with the larger balls despite both being under 5 years.

In another room, participants could colour in 2D cityscape objects (eg buses, planes, rockets, buildings) and have them printed out into a 3D cutout.

The objects could also be scanned and then projected onto a massive screen which you could then interact with by touching them on the screen to make them move, bounce, and even fight with the dragons that occasionally pop up.

The kids loved the “hopscotch for geniuses”, where they jumped on the shapes on a brightly lit path. The shapes would then change or disappear as soon as the kids jumped on them.

Miss 4 loved playing in the “ecosystem” which had whales, geckos, lizards and other creatures projected on the walls and in a recess. Wherever she stepped, an explosion of colour would appear. In this ecosystem you could also colour and scan in your own creatures to be part of the scene.

In the middle of the exhibition were 4 connected screens which basically represented a park. Here you could create  your own character and scan it in to then interact with other characters others have created. It was amazing watching these characters chat, play, and even dance with one another! Miss 4 created 4 different characters to represent her friends and cousins, and loved running around looking for them!

Of course, the adults had to create their own “interesting” characters (see left character).

Mr 2 enjoyed creating his own cityscape by moving around objects on a table and seeing how the landscape on a big screen changed depending on where he put them.

The kids had so much fun at Future Park, Miss 4 was reluctant to leave and Mr 2 had to be carried out kicking and screaming. Tickets to the exhibition are bought separately to the museum and are a little pricey, but do include general entry to the museum if you wanted to explore the other exhibitions. (Kids under 4 are free when accompanied with a paying adult.)

Future Park is on now until 30th April 2018, and is a definite must do with kids during the school holidays!

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2 thoughts on “Life with Kids: Future Park at The Powerhouse Museum

  1. Oh wow, this looks like so much fun! I imagine my little ones wouldn’t want to leave either, haha! They are at the stage now where they are both pretty stubborn and set in their ways, it makes activities hard as you need to try please them both! I know they’ll mellow out 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    1. It was, and I have to say the adults had just as much fun 😀 If it wasn’t so expensive we’d do it again – Miss 4 has already asked when we were going back! Hopefully it’ll come up to Brisbane 🙂

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