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Mum Life: post-partum outfit, birth story and chaos

I’m back! I’m sharing how baby #3 unexpectedly came into the world, and what #mumlife with 3 kids is like.

It’s been over 3 weeks since Baby #3 arrived and it’s been such a blur. Indeed, the way she came into the world was a bit of a blur too. It probably took me a good few days to realise she was actually here, outside my belly.

The Birth Story

I was 38+2 weeks along, and a couple of days before the obstetrician had scheduled me in for an induction for a week later because he didn’t want me to get to 40 weeks due to my gestational diabetes. While watching TV (Silent Witness, one of my favourites) I was starting to feel a bit strange. I’d already had the odd contraction and pelvic pains for a week or so but that night there was a bit more pressure than usual.

I told Instagram Husband and after another hour of pain decided to call the hospital. This was at about midnight. The hospital advised us to come around to see what was going on. I had to call my parents (who live about 45 minutes away) to get them to come over and take care of the kids while hubby and I were at the hospital.

We got to the hospital at around 2am and had expected that after the routine check the midwives would tell us to go back home. However, they found I was already 5cm dilated so told us to stay for a couple of hours and see if I would progress any more. At this point hubby and I had only had an hour of sleep in total so we took the opportunity to get some shut eye. The pain/pressure in my pelvis was still there, but hadn’t got any worse.

At around 5.30am an obstetrician came in and told us because I was pretty dilated, we were having the baby that day. To get things moving, my amniotic sac was burst. From that point it was all systems go, and at 9.15am our little girl was born.

The gestational diabetes had affected bub’s blood sugar – when her blood sugar was tested post-birth it was dangerously low (having had a higher insulin level due to the higher level of blood sugar passing through to her). She was whisked off to NICU to be hooked up to some dextrose and stabilise her blood sugar.

Baby girl stayed in NICU for 2 nights, and then had 1 night off the dextrose, by which time her blood sugar had gone back to normal levels. At this point we were allowed to go home. Because of how quickly the birth had happened, and Baby Girl being in NICU those first few days it seemed surreal having her home – I was still in a bit of shock that I had given birth already – I was home with the baby before my scheduled induction!

So what’s life like now with 3 kids?

The siblings

The 2 older kids adore their little sister, Miss 5 especially. I think she’s loving having another girl in the house to dote over. Mr 3 has been very sweet, although sometimes doesn’t know his own strength. Somehow in the 3 days I was in hospital he had grown to become a little man.

I do feel a bit bad that I’m not spending a lot of 1 on 1 time with them – the baby is taking up a lot of my attention with breastfeeding, putting her to sleep and unsettledness. I can see that they kind of miss having their mum around to play with, and I’m hoping after a couple more weeks I can spend more time with them.


You’d think after breastfeeding 2 babies it would come easily, but we had some latching issues and OH MY GOD THE PAIN. My boobs were in constant pain for at least a week while Baby Girl and I tried to sort out the latch. Thank goodness I had my regular midwife appointments to help with the breastfeeding. My boobs are a bit crazy at the moment (they’re huge! And random leaking anyone?) but at least they’re not in pain anymore.


As I mentioned in a previous post, what is sleep?


The combination of having a newborn and the kids being on holidays means there’s no routine whatsoever. The week we came back from the hospital also happened to be the last week of school for the kids so there was a bit of craziness witih drop offs and pick ups. At one point I left bub at home with my parents to drop the kids off to pre-school and the mums there thought I was crazy running around days after giving birth.

As much as I love the idea of a routine, I think poor Baby Girl will have to work around her older siblings, what with their school and extracurricular activities. Thankfully she’s pretty chilled most of the time.

Post-partum style

So I’m about a size or two bigger than what I was before pregnancy, and while I’ve got some oversized clothes that fit, a lot of my bottoms don’t. I’ve had to park my beloved jeans for a while and purchase some bigger jeans second hand, which I’m hoping may still work if/when I lose the pregnancy weight. And if not, at least I have them!

The shorts I’m wearing here are my absolute favourites from Rag and Bone, which were a size too big around the waist before pregnancy but fit perfectly now. The blouse is also another favourite by Next (see other outfits here and here), and the shoes are completely impractical Isabel Marant ballet shoes (who knew lacing up would take so much time?!). After months of not being able to wear them I wanted to take them out for a spin, impracticality and all.

A constant accessory will be Baby Girl in her Ergo Carrier.

The above photos were taken before the chaos of the older kids. Ah, the reality of mum life, trying to take blog photos while getting your kids to burn off all their energy at a scooter park, only for them to realise photos are being taken and photobombing accordingly.


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4 thoughts on “Mum Life: post-partum outfit, birth story and chaos

  1. You are looking so good! How scary for the unexpectedly early arrive and the NICU stay, I’m glad you and your daughter are home and settling into life okay, even if it was a bit of a crazy start. You’re amazing for getting a blog post up with all that going on. I enjoyed blogging as it was a little something for me, hope you find it like that and it’s not too much pressure with everything else going on.

    1. Thanks so much Mica xx It’s nice to get back to blogging again. I have the luxury of a little help so I have a bit of time to do it, but when my mum goes back home the blogging might be a bit more sporadic!

  2. So glad to hear you and the babe are okay. Sounds like things are sort of settling into a routine, you’ll get there! I had issues nursing with my first and that in and of itself took so much energy to learn! Glad everything is going well so far!

    1. Aw thanks Ruth! Not much routine at the moment and I have a feeling this little one’s routine is going to be dictated by her older siblings! Thankfully I have a bit of help to cope with the chaos!

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