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Mum life: how the third pregnancy feels like

As I ease (albeit still with morning sickness) into the second trimester of my third pregnancy, I’m sharing how this one feels compared to my first two.

The Bump

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m starting to show the baby bump. This is considerably earlier than my first two pregnancies, where I was probably more obviously pregnant around the 18 week mark. I’m only 13/14 weeks in and I’m already sporting a round tum. Hubby thinks I could get away with telling people it’s a bit of extra weight but it’s a bit too concentrated to be that.

Being the third pregnancy the bump was going to show a little earlier, but when it popped around the 10 week mark I was starting to wonder if I was carrying more than one. (Yes, it’s just one.)

Morning Sickness

For my first pregnancy I had nausea in the afternoon (with minor vomiting). With the second it was in the evening with no vomiting. With both of these pregnancies the nausea started to subside towards the end of the first trimester.

With this third one I’m still feeling queasy and it’s pretty much the beginning of the second trimester. The nausea would hit from 3pm until I went to sleep, so I was pretty useless in the evenings. There was also more vomiting than before.

I tried ginger candy and ginger beer to quell the nausea, but I was sick of lying around most nights so eventually asked the doctor for some medicine. While at the chemist talking to the pharmacist about how I was feeling he also suggested I could have reflux and gave me something for that too. So far both medications have helped lessen the discomfort.

When I told my boss I was pregnant and feeling unwell she told me she had morning sickness for 7 months. I hope it doesn’t go on that long for me!


With my first pregnancy I was tired but not more so than usual, and was still able to exercise up until the early stages of the third trimester. With my second, I was actually in London for most of the first trimester for my husband’s work. I was so busy entertaining the under 2 year old as well as exploring a city I’d never been to before that I didn’t feel all that tired.

Now with a 4 year old and an incredibly active 2 year old, the fatigue is a hell of a lot stronger. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and then run over by a steam roller. So along with the morning sickness above I’m feeling pretty run down. Most days I don’t really feel like doing much (which is why I haven’t been updating the blog or social media), but I’m really hoping this and the morning sickness will be on their way out soon. Fingers crossed.


For pregnancy 1 it was all about the burger.  Pregnancy 2 I couldn’t get enough hot chips (french fries). For this pregnancy, I’ve been eating quite a lot of soup and dumplings.  I think the soup because it’s really the only food I was able to keep down when the morning sickness was particularly bad. The dumplings I imagine might be the baby embracing its Asian side, who knows. I’ve also been drinking a lot of flavoured mineral water as it’s also been very good for easing the nausea. I was shocked to see how much sugar was in a standard bottle though – 43g?!


So with the bump showing earlier, the morning sickness and the fatigue my outfit choices have been pretty boring of late. Some days I just want to wear my pyjamas all day but unfortunately that is frowned upon where I live. I’m incredibly thankful for the person who invented elastic and elastane fabric as I’ve been pretty reliant on these for the last 4 weeks. I’ll be sharing a little capsule wardrobe of key pieces I’ll be wearing throughout my pregnancy on the blog soon, but for now I’m trying to wear items from my existing wardrobe that still fit me (just).

Public v Private

After my second was born my husband and I decided two was enough and decided to end the extra pregnancy cover from our health insurance. However somewhere along the way, we seemed to have lost our minds (my husband more so as he was more keen on Number 3 than I was), and decided to get pregnant without the health cover. For this birth we’ll be going the public route, which I’m actually kind of excited about, but am wondering how I’d cope when I’m out of the hospital 24 hours after birth?

Wearing: Madewell knit top (similar) | HM skirt refashioned from a dress (similar) | Sportsgirl wrap sandals (old – similar) | Michael Kors double wrap watch (similar)

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2 thoughts on “Mum life: how the third pregnancy feels like

  1. Your tiny early bump looks cute! 🙂

    I giggled when I red your flavoured mineral water comment! I had a couple food aversions while my eldest boy, but last time around I went off water. I felt terrible having two cans of creaming soda in one day but it was the only fluid I could stomach! I’m a big believer in doing, eating, saying etc whatever you need to get through the nausea. It’s horrible. It’s a good job babies are so cute at the end of it! 🙂

    Also a good reminder for me in this post to cancel the OB cover under our current health insurance – I need to figure out if my diastasis recti would be covered if I did first. (and get back to a physio for more management tips!).

    1. Thanks Mica! How funny that something as basic as water can be off putting during pregnancy! I’ve had the same too with this pregnancy – I actually felt a sick after drinking a glass of water a few times. Yogurt was also a bit of an aversion strangely enough – I only just had it tonight for the first time in ages without feeling queasy.

      I had my first appointment at our local hospital and wow how different it is to the private option! Not that it’s worse mind you – just different. Some of the girls in my mummy exercise class also had diastasis recti and were raving about a book with some really good exercises – I could ask about it if you’re interested?

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