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#MyStyle: Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 1.25 – White Jeans

On Instagram I asked what other mamas wore whenever they had a chance without the kids. One of the things I like to wear when I’m sans enfants is white jeans.

With my in-laws in town I was given an opportunity to have some kid-free time, so I decided to go into “the city” (the suburban Sydneysider’s code for going into the CBD) for some window shopping and general people watching. This also gave me the chance to wear my white jeans as I could get about without having them smeared with food or getting them smudged with dirt when taking kiddos in and out of carseats, which inevitably happens.

I love how white jeans are a fresh alternative to regular blue denim jeans; when they’re that optically bright white after a good wash in Napisan they make other colours really pop. They’re also fraught with danger when you’ve got little kids like I do; today for example, after I came back from my kid-free time Miss 3 was pulling grass out of the ground and digging the soil with her hands, while Mr 1 was gadding about on his hands and knees in the garden so you can imagine the kaleidoscope of colours if they had gotten their paws on my white jeans (I had changed into daggy clothes by this time).

The teal of the Lucky Brand tank top I’m wearing is one of the only spots of colour in my autumn capsule wardrobe, so it was nice to pull this out and wear it with the white jeans as it meant a refreshing change from my usual monochromatic ensemble. The denim jacket was necessary as the weather was a bit cooler today, and it also meant another way to rock double denim! What the outfit needed was a hat – I was definitely having a bad hair day.

These photos were self-taken in a fairly empty laneway in Sydney’s CBD, with a remote shutter that is flaky at the best of times. I only realised afterwards that there were a few CCTV cameras tucked away in these spots – I’m pretty sure the security guards who were monitoring these were having a good laugh at my posturing and awkward facial expressions. #thestruggleisreal

Denim jacket: Just Jeans (similar)
Tank top: Lucky Brand
Jeans: Cotton On (similar)
Shoes: Hush Puppies (similar)
Bag: Michael Kors

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27 thoughts on “#MyStyle: Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 1.25 – White Jeans

  1. I just got a pair of white jeans and am looking forward to the styling options. Love these on you. Definitely probably best for a kid free time. I’m dangerous enough on my own when it comes to keeping them clean. 😉

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. I wish I could do heels again, my feet haven’t been the same since I had kids! Thanks for stopping by Carly xx

  2. You do look great in white and yes it is the best colour to wear without kids. That and heels, and silk shirts, and pretty dresses, and sexy skirts and everything else under the sun except jogging pants and jeans maybe that I am back at work I dress to the nines as that’s when I can truly express my fashion sense. On the weekend and during the week, I’m 2 different people lol

    1. I know what you mean Rania! Going to work means an opportunity to wear all those fun clothes we can’t when kiddos are around 🙂

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