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#MyStyle: Capsule Wardrobe Outfit 1.6 – Change Your Perspective

My return to work date is imminent and in the weeks leading up to it I’ve been grumbling and sighing.

I had been hoping to win the lottery or some sort of jackpot (it helps if I actually buy the darn tickets) so I didn’t have to go back to work, but alas my get-rich quick scheme hasn’t come to fruition. #firstworldproblems

Instead of groaning about working, I’ve decided to change my perspective on the situation.

I’m grateful that I actually have a job to go back to.

I’m grateful that my work has allowed me to take time off to spend time with my baby and bond with him (even if it is as 3am in the morning), and paid me the privilege to do so.

I’m grateful that my work doesn’t mean long hours in the office and missing out on quality time with my kids.

I’m grateful that my work is mentally stimulating and challenging so that I can use my little grey cells beyond changing nappies and pretending to play Anna from Frozen.

IMG_20160307_131733652_HDR (2)

This outfit is actually from earlier in the week (hence outfit 1.6) when I went to meet with my boss about upcoming projects. Almost everything I’m wearing is new – part of a flurry of shopping before the capsule wardrobe challenge, knowing there would be a three month shopping ban. Pleats are a new thing for me, inspired by one of my favourite Instagram accounts Style by Aggie, and is another style challenge in that I’m not used to wearing skirts, let alone pleated skirts, so I’ll be spending the next three months experimenting ways to wear it. All of these items are from my autumn capsule wardrobe.

A couple of style rules for petites are that:

  • we shouldn’t wear midi skirts, or any skirt that hits between the knee and the ankle, as this is typically unflattering for our shape
  • we shouldn’t wear any shoes that visually cut us off at the ankle, making our legs look shorter.

So I have basically broken both of these rules in this one outfit. Instead of worrying about this, let’s go with the changing perspective theme and think of the positives.

I’m grateful that such rules can and should be broken, otherwise we’d never take fashion risks and stick to what we are familiar with and run the risk of being stuck on a style rut.

I’m grateful for the navy pleats of this skirt, which actually don’t truncate my legs too much so I can get away with wearing a midi skirt at my height.

I’m grateful for these pointy toe shoes, which suit this type of skirt better than round toe ones as they elongate the leg and foot (even with the tie around the ankles).

I’m grateful that I have a job that affords me to take such risks and have a fun time with my clothes, whether they be in a capsule wardrobe or otherwise.

IMG_20160307_131901024_HDR (2)

IMG_20160307_132300984_HDR (2)

IMG_20160307_132148058_HDR (2)

Blouse: Gap (similar)
Skirt: Kamiseta (similar)
Shoes: Witchery (similar)
Watch: Deon Dane (similar)
Waist belt: Portmans (similar)

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