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Outfit: Oversized knit and jeans

The last few days of winter are upon us in Sydney and I’m trying to get the most out of my knits before the weather starts warming up.

I love knits, and have been especially enamoured by the oversized knit trend (the most well-known – and expensive – label being I Love Mr Mittens). So much so that it’s inspired me to take up my crochet hook and knitting needles to work on some projects which I hoped to feature on the blog soon.

While roaming around Surry Hills markets on my birthday (thanks to my mum and dad for wrangling the kids while hubby and I had some time together!), I spied a stall that featured giant knits and chunky sweaters that I had to check out, of course.


All the knits – cardigans, jumpers, blankets – as well as clothes were made by the stall owner, a lovely Sydney designer who owns the label Marikit by Kitty Choy. I love that she makes EVERYTHING herself and that she’s a Sydney girl. Her knits are also considerably cheaper than I Love Mr Mittens, but with a similar aesthetic. When you’ve been sitting in front of hours of CSI crocheting and knitting away, 10 balls into a project (and counting), I can totally understand the cost behind these knits!


The cardigans she had were very I Love Mr Mittens-esque but I settled on this navy blue and green oversized knit sweater – it’s not a colour mix that I usually wear but I loved the effect the two yarn colours had together and I liked the backless v-neck detail. Hubby very generously bought it for me for my birthday 🙂


I hope I get to wear this knit a few more times before spring really kicks in – I guess that’s one of the caveats of having a birthday in August eh? #firstworldproblems



Wearing: Marikit by Kitty Choy knit (locally made); thrifted J Brand super skinny jeans in charcoal (similar | made in Australia); second hand Dolce Vita boots

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2 thoughts on “Outfit: Oversized knit and jeans

    1. How funny, I’ve been knitting one too (taking a long time to do it) and mine is also turning out rather oversized. Mind you I’m just eyeballing it rather than following a pattern so that might be it!

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