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Outfit: Embroidered Striped Shirt Dress

A dress that combines my love for stripes AND embroidery? Yes please.

My obsession with stripes has no end, and as you know embroidery was one of my favourite trends from the last year. (See here and here.) Combining the two then just seemed like a natural thing to do.

I’m wearing a size small in this dress and it’s a pretty oversized fit. The cuffs are a bit snug however, they could always be left undone or the sleeves rolled up for a casual look. The dress could also be worn as a shirt, with the front casually tucked into a pair of denim shorts or boyfriend jeans.

In terms of footwear, the dress would look fab with a pair of crisp white sneakers, and when worn with leggings and tan ankle boots would be a nice way to wear it in the cooler months.

For this blog post I paired the dress with a pair of old faithfuls, my woven tan oxfords I bought in London three years ago. I haven’t worn them for a while but I just can’t bear to part with them. They’re so comfy and are a reminder of an amazing time I had in what’s become one of my favourite places to visit.

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4 thoughts on “Outfit: Embroidered Striped Shirt Dress

  1. That is such a cute shirt dress! The only thing I’ve really continued to think about and wish I could buy on my no-shop challenge is something striped and embroidered, haha! I want more cute embroidered pieces in my wardrobe!

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