You’re hot, then you’re cold

Sydney weather in spring is fickle at best, and within a week I’ve worn a tank top with shorts, a cable knit sweater with jeans and boots, a strappy dress with a kimono top and sandals, and a long sleeved shirt with leggings and trainers. One thing that’s constant: my love for these Mollini heels.

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Romper Room

Romper Room


I just purchased a romper online (or is it a jumpsuit? What’s the difference?), having been inspired by the above Instagram post from @prettylifegirls. Admittedly it was more of an impulse buy and I’m hoping I won’t change my mind between now and when I actually get it. In the meantime, I’m thinking of wearing the romper with a pair of flat sandals for the day, which could be easily switched to heels for a night out. I’m loving fringe at the moment (and was able to score an amazing Kookai leather bag with fringe at the Australian Red Cross store for a song) and currently lusting these Alex and Ani bracelets which I’ll stack. The floppy hat is an essential summer accessory.

October shopping inspo: the graphic tee

With the warm weather I had the opportunity to investigate the contents of my shirt drawer and was dismayed to find:

  • One black t-shirt
  • One white t-shirt
  • One grey t-shirt
  • About 50 striped t-shirts.

With such a limited repertoire I thought of adding a graphic tee to the mix. Graphic tees can be fun and worn in a variety of ways, as long as the tee doesn’t have a novelty graphic that can date quickly or doesn’t suit your age. Below are some of my inspiration picks and how I’d want to wear them this summer.

Graphic tee shirt outfit ideas
(From left to right)
  • The Wang t-shirt has a sporty edge but the style lends itself to being dressed up. I would pair it with a leather a-line skirt and black ankle boots (Alexander Wang, of course! In my dreams); this would make it a great outfit for a night out with gal pals.
  • The ‘Afternoon Delight’ t-shirt not only has a phrase that has a secret meaning to myself and the hubster ;), but also has a vintage 70s feel. With that in mind, it would go well with a button up a-line denim skirt and some lace up sandals; grab a flower crown and you’d look like you came straight out of Woodstock (or Coachella).
  • I love the current athleisure trend (leggings as pants? Sure!) and Adidas is one of my favourite brands to pull this trend off. I like the idea of pairing this basic Adidas Originals tee with a printed pencil skirt to mix two trends in one. Black sandals would be perfect for day, but could easily be changed to heels for casual drinks in the evening.
  • I really like etre cecile’s printed tees; print notwithstanding, this tee has a bit of a French vibe to it. Teaming it up with a simple pair of jeans and black pointed flats supports that franco-esqueness (just brush up on your francais to pull it off authentically).
  • Lastly I love love love band tees, but if you’re going to wear your heart on your sleeve (so to speak) I believe you really have to enjoy listening to the band that’s on your t-shirt. I mean, you can’t wear an Iron Maiden t-shirt just because it’s trendy, and then have Taylor Swift on your playlist, you know? I grew up on a steady diet of The Beatles (thanks parentals) so I do quite like John, Paul et al (perhaps more so their Sgt Pepper stuff onwards). I quite like this style of shirt, and the white jeans and red kicks would really make the print (and you) pop.
What do you think of graphic tees? Which ones do you recommend? How would you wear yours?

October shopping inspo – the shoe edition

Summer is rearing its humid head and while I love my Birkenstocks with a passion, there are times when they’re not the most appropriate footwear choice (even if street style fashionistas indicate otherwise). After scoping Pinterest for outfit ideas to style my mom jeans it dawned on me that I didn’t have a pair of pretty heeled sandals, preferably in tan or nude. The ideal pair would have a block heel, not too high, so that they can take me from park visits during the day with the kiddos to languid BBQ dinners at night (well, as languid as it can get with a toddler and an infant). Sandals are also tricky for me because I’ve got these terrible bunions which don’t give me much pain but are so, so ugly that I try to cover them up where I can. Thin, strappy, delicate sandals? No such luck for me. They need to have fairly thick and sturdy straps to cover said bunions yet show enough skin to actually qualify as a sandal. Asking for much?

These Office heeled sandals actually look great – they’re the right heel height, fairly good coverage around buniongate, and I’m a sucker for the studded detail. It’s actually not a bad price too, at 60 quid. But that’s just it – it’s available in the UK. And while I’m sure they ship to Australia, after postage costs and currency conversion (thanks crappy AUD) I wouldn’t be able to justify the price.


These Spurr sandals would look nice with a maxi dress, and they cover up the bunions nicely. Probably a bit flatter than what I had in mind, and they’re not particularly tan or nude are they? Still, the style is something to keep in mind.

These Just Because gladiator sandals look good on screen but I’m not sure about the straps. Bunions, remember – they might stick out awkwardly and actually accentuate the damn things. And again, probably not enough of a heel for what I’m after. The colour is right though.

These Steven Madden shoes are more like booties but I like the lace up detail and colour. At 3″ the heel is a touch too high, but I’d still consider them.

Image 1 of Missguided Lace Up Block Heel Shoes

Another pair of lace up shoes but with a heel height that’s more to my liking. These Missguided ones from Asos tick all the boxes – tan, comfortable looking heel, covers the bunions, on trend with the lace up detail. The only thing I’m worried about is the fact that they’re more of a bootie style – would they cut off my legs at an awkward spot and make them look shorter than they already are? Of course the only way to assess that is to try them on; oh they’re only available online? Balls.


Another pair of bootie-like sandals by I Love Billy. Good colour, lace up detail is cute, a modest 6cm heel. Again it’s one of those that I’d need to try on in real life to see that my legs aren’t being chopped off at an unflattering spot. Also, at $149.95 I may as well just get those Office ones that I mentioned at the beginning of the post.

What sandals would you recommend? Any others that I’ve missed?

Because you’re a mum

Because you're a mom
An outfit inspired by my previous post on mom jeans.
Essential items in a mum’s outfit arsenal:
1. Comfy jeans that can take you running around after toddlers to sitting on the floor and having tea and cakes with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (and if you’re lucky, cuddling up in bed with the infant when they’re napping).
2. A button up blouse so you can nurse on the go, and still look stylish.
3. A hat to hide the fact you haven’t washed your hair in days.
4. A watch to make sure you’re on schedule for that play date (or ballet class, or swimming lesson, or park outing…)
5. A gigantic diaper/nappy bag to bring half the house.
6. Sandals that can take you to said play date/ballet class/swimming lesson etc. There’s only so many times you can wear runners.
7. The biggest coffee your local cafe can make for you.

How to wear: mom jeans

In keeping with my growing #normcore collection (Birkenstocks, all white sneakers), I now inadvertently own a pair of mom jeans. I had bought them online (which is always fraught with danger, given how painful it already is for me to shop for jeans in bricks and mortar stores) and didn’t realise how long and high the rise of these jeans were. I’m talking about beyond my belly button high rise. Granted they actually aren’t meant to be mom jeans, but low-slung tapered jeans, but on my 5’0″ body low slung jeans make my legs look about 30cm long so I decided they should be worn as high rise jeans. And of course, because I had bought them on sale, they were non-returnable.

Yes, I am a mom, but I never was a fan of these mom jeans. They just look so unflattering, even more so if you’re as short as me. So how do I wear these without losing shape or height?

1. Always tuck your shirt in. This helps make the jeans look a bit more polished and lengthens the legs.

Heloise, one of our French employee and model, is wearing the High Waist Jean in Medium Wash Indigo and the Women's Blazer in Navy by #AmericanApparel.:

2. Mom jeans are typically worn with cuffed hems, but this would make my legs look even shorter than they already are. I probably wouldn’t cuff them, or if I had to, just do one turn up.

50 Unparalleled Street Style Looks Courtesy of Jessica Alba: Jessica tucked a white tee into floral denim, then spiced things up with a coral bag in West Hollywood. : Even on a casual coffee run in LA, Jessica looked stylish in brown riding boots, a black Bulgari bag, and tortoise sunglasses. : Jessica Alba rocked a pair of high-waisted jeans with a striped tank and a red cardigan in LA.:

3. Wear nude heels. Obviously not an everyday option, but it’s nice to dream.

Love the casual vibe of this outfit: boyfriend jeans, nude sandals, and a gray jacket.:

4. Wear nude sandals. These look more accessible, but note that there is still a bit of a heel.

25 Ways to Make Mom Jeans Look Modern - floral print sleeveless blouse, mom jeans + chunky heeled leather cut-out sandals | StyleCaster:

5. Pair them with sneakers so they don’t look so daggy.

6. Wear with a white button up shirt, and leave some of the top buttons undone. White is obviously dangerous when you have an infant who is just figuring out solids, so I’d probably go with a printed button up which can easily conceal food stains.

7. Be Man Repeller because anything looks great on her. Or wear with a casual blazer and a nice pair of oxfords (note the heel again).

Street Style:

I’m hoping that by wearing these jeans high on the waist, these would actually help my legs look longer than they actually are. Any other ideas on how to wear the mom jeans trend?

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Style Challenge: #basicscheckin

via Instagram: @kirstyashestyle

I just participated in my first #stylechallenge on Instagram with @mumscloset_au and @kirstyashestyle. The Basics Check-In Challenge involves assessing your wardrobe, looking for the essential basics for spring/summer (tee, shoes, dress, swimwear, handbag, and accessories) getting rid of anything that hasn’t been worn or used for a long time/is unrepairable/doesn’t fit anymore, and if need be, replacing it with a current trend such as 70’s boho or print. It was nice to actually consciously think of what I would wear to fulfill every day of the challenge, rather than looking in my wardrobe and selecting the most comfortable option as my outfit for the day.

Check out my Instagram @5.foot.short to see how I completed the challenge!




For some reason this set reminds me of when I was gadding about in London and seeing fashion girls swanning around Brick Lane, and there was me in my touristy Jack Wills hoodie, jeans and Converse.

Pull yourself together

Some timely advice after yet another terrible night of sleep.

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