Work it

Work it
I haven’t worked in an office setting for a few years and don’t really see myself in that environment anymore, but I still love putting outfits together that look polished and meeting-with-a-director-worthy.

How to wear: all white sneakers


Stripes forever

Back in the mid to late 90s I had a pair of white Adidas superstars that I didn’t think much of – I pretty much trashed them and gave them away after a couple of years. Who would’ve thought that they would come back with a such a force that you can wait up to two years for a pair of plain ol’ Stan Smiths?

So the white sneaker is back, with Adidas’ Stan Smiths and Superstars leading in the fash pack. Nike’s Roshe Run white trainers also seem to be a fashion ‘grammer favourite, with Superga, Lacoste and Senso popping up fairly regularly in my Instagram feed. I quite like Axel Arigato’s embossed and Vans’ perforated versions, as well as the fact that they’re slip on sneakers (essential when you’re putting on shoes and toting both toddler and infant out the door). I actually ended up buying a pair of Puma Baskets to kind of get in with the cool crowd but not, if you know what I mean.

With summer fast approaching, white sneakers would make a fresh alternative to my faithful black Converse Chuck Taylors, and I’ll probably end up wearing my Pumas with the distressed shorts I bought for $5 at Bondi markets or an A-line button through skirt (I’ve been eyeing this one off from Asos) with a simple tank or graphic tee. The one thing that irks me about this white sneaker trend? The fact that a pair of Stan Smiths can fetch up to $200 on eBay – my mid 90s pair cost about $90 and back then I found that exorbitant (I was only at university after all!).

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The weekend just goes so damn quickly.

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You can’t always get what you want

I know spring is coming and warmer weather is just around the corner, but when I see our northern counterparts dressing in on-point fall outfits I can’t help but be envious of their cool climes style.

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(Theoretical) date night

Date night
There was a time when hubster and I would have an amazing date night which included dinner at a hatted restaurant and/or a gig by one of our favourite bands. These days it’s hard to leave the house without having to lug half of the kids’ belongings, fatigue and sleep deprivation notwithstanding. An outing over the weekend was a drama in itself with Kid #1 throwing a tantrum due to overtiredness and Kid #2 refusing to sleep and therefore crying because of – guess what? – overtiredness. It’s hard work at the moment, yes, and one day hubster and I will look back and long for the days when the kiddies were bubs. I also look forward to the day when we can enjoy evenings like we used to and remind each other why we’re together.

Japanese minimalism

I’ve been getting a lot of Japanese ‘grammers coming up in my Instagram feed and I’m kinda digging it. Although I lived in Japan for a little while, my Japanese is basically non-existent so trying to read the Instagram captions of the above users to ascertain why there have been so many posts isn’t happening. I am loving the easy minimalism of their outfits – clean lines, neutral colours, nothing fashiony but stand out classic. I’ve always liked how the Japanese girls seem so effortless even though I knew for a fact that they heavily styled themselves that way. I’d love to go back.

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Goodbye winter.

The one thing I love about winter is that I get to live in jeans all. the. freaking. time. Now that the weather’s warming up I have to start thinking about -> shaving my legs -> eating clean -> exercising -> skirts and shorts.

Time to hide those blocks of Cadbury then.

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Home inspo: The home office

home office design:

Workspace. I have an obsession with sloped ceilings! I find it makes the room more cosier and gives it more character too. :-):

Elegant home office style 7 30 Creative Home Office Ideas: Working from Home in Style:

Love the cube wall shelving at a nice height above the desks. Looking at doing this with Expedit shelving from Ikea.:

O amarelo traz calor instantâneo para ambientes interiores, principalmente se o tom for agradável aos olhos. 50 curiosidades interessantíssimas que você não sabia sobre o Amarelo / 50 shades of yellow! Curiosities about the colour.:

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Simple but very beatiful.15 Great Home Office Ideas go forth and share that BOW DIAMOND style ppl! Lol ;-) xx:

Home Office Ideas: How To Create a Stylish & Functional Workspace | Apartment Therapy:

I want this desk & wall organiser. (Edit May2015: I have finally found it & have linked the site.):

There’s something so elegant about a black accent wall. Still afraid to try it as a bedroom color, but perhaps for a home office? -VV gravity-gravity: “ Source ”:

Forget the chalk board - I like the shelves and the drawers on the side.

Over 50 Cool Office Designs & Workspaces for Inspiration | Part #15:

bre pea. | the creative lifestyle blog of Bre Paulson: 5 home offices I'm lusting after:

So much inspiration:

These chic desktops and home offices will inspire you to create the perfect workspace.:

Currently my home office is a piece of wood next to the kids’ play area. The table is basically a wooden plank covered in colourful duct tape laid across two side drawers, with a laptop, months-old magazines, children’s toys, husband’s wallet, keys, and paperwork, and the odd dirty coffee cup. Sometimes the home office is in front of the TV as hubby and I catch up on shows as we multitask. A kid’s IKEA corkboard adorns the wall with receipts and photos. When I don’t have two kids with grubby hands smearing the table top and wrestling to watch Pocoyo on the laptop I’ll have a more coordinated workspace.

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Biker chic

Biker chic
I have ridden a motorbike as a pillion passenger before, but these days the closest I’ll get to a bike is a single speed one (and even riding that is questionable).

Normcore luxe

Normcore luxe
Here’s the thing about Birkenstocks. They are so incredibly ugly that it’s hard to fathom how they’ve become so fashionable in the last few years. My mum has worn Birkenstocks for years because she has terrible feet, not to make a fashion statement. Yet here we are with the likes of Celine and Givenchy making high fashion versions of these sandals. I was (and still in some ways am) skeptical of how to make them look remotely fashionable… but when you wear them and your feet praise you for wearing something other than smelly sneakers or flats that rub against the skin and leave painful blisters… you convince yourself that yes, yes, they are fashionable; and no, no, they aren’t ugly at all.