You’re hot, then you’re cold

Sydney weather in spring is fickle at best, and within a week I’ve worn a tank top with shorts, a cable knit sweater with jeans and boots, a strappy dress with a kimono top and sandals, and a long sleeved shirt with leggings and trainers. One thing that’s constant: my love for these Mollini heels. Also – I’ve signed up…

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Romper Room

  I just purchased a romper online (or is it a jumpsuit? What’s the difference?), having been inspired by the above Instagram post from @prettylifegirls. Admittedly it was more of an impulse buy and I’m hoping I won’t change my mind between now and when I actually get it. In the meantime, I’m thinking of wearing the romper with a…

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October shopping inspo: the graphic tee

With the warm weather I had the opportunity to investigate the contents of my shirt drawer and was dismayed to find: One black t-shirt One white t-shirt One grey t-shirt About 50 striped t-shirts. With such a limited repertoire I thought of adding a graphic tee to the mix. Graphic tees can be fun and worn in a variety of…

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October shopping inspo – the shoe edition

Summer is rearing its humid head and while I love my Birkenstocks with a passion, there are times when they’re not the most appropriate footwear choice (even if street style fashionistas indicate otherwise). After scoping Pinterest for outfit ideas to style my mom jeans it dawned on me that I didn’t have a pair of pretty heeled sandals, preferably in tan…

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Because you’re a mum

An outfit inspired by my previous post on mom jeans. Essential items in a mum’s outfit arsenal: 1. Comfy jeans that can take you running around after toddlers to sitting on the floor and having tea and cakes with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (and if you’re lucky, cuddling up in bed with the infant when they’re napping). 2. A button up blouse…

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How to wear: mom jeans

In keeping with my growing #normcore collection (Birkenstocks, all white sneakers), I now inadvertently own a pair of mom jeans. I had bought them online (which is always fraught with danger, given how painful it already is for me to shop for jeans in bricks and mortar stores) and didn’t realise how long and high the rise of these jeans…

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Style Challenge: #basicscheckin

via Instagram: @kirstyashestyle I just participated in my first #stylechallenge on Instagram with @mumscloset_au and @kirstyashestyle. The Basics Check-In Challenge involves assessing your wardrobe, looking for the essential basics for spring/summer (tee, shoes, dress, swimwear, handbag, and accessories) getting rid of anything that hasn’t been worn or used for a long time/is unrepairable/doesn’t fit anymore, and if need be, replacing it…

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For some reason this set reminds me of when I was gadding about in London and seeing fashion girls swanning around Brick Lane, and there was me in my touristy Jack Wills hoodie, jeans and Converse.

Pull yourself together

Some timely advice after yet another terrible night of sleep. Images from Instagram users: qvb / whenindoubtblog / apinchoflovely / capucinespirit / beautylifemichelle / cmcoving / saint_bowery / la_kathi / couldihavethat / paulabacher / smaggle