Work it

I haven’t worked in an office setting for a few years and don’t really see myself in that environment anymore, but I still love putting outfits together that look polished and meeting-with-a-director-worthy.

How to wear: all white sneakers

  Back in the mid to late 90s I had a pair of white Adidas superstars that I didn’t think much of – I pretty much trashed them and gave them away after a couple of years. Who would’ve thought that they would come back with a such a force that you can wait up to two years for a…

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The weekend just goes so damn quickly. Images from Instagram users: hunterandcross / mariafashionlook / chic_in_academia / willamazing / su_su_studio / b_bbjj / merricksart / beautybitten / kristinclarksfu / zhuzhulifenotes / happilygrey / chermunie

You can’t always get what you want

I know spring is coming and warmer weather is just around the corner, but when I see our northern counterparts dressing in on-point fall outfits I can’t help but be envious of their cool climes style. Images from Instagram users: thefashionistella / brittanybathgate / thenewblacknl / astraeathevirgo / hunterandcross / joliejanine / blackwhiteandbrunette / thedashingrider / addictedtofash1on / heimstone / lichipan…

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(Theoretical) date night

There was a time when hubster and I would have an amazing date night which included dinner at a hatted restaurant and/or a gig by one of our favourite bands. These days it’s hard to leave the house without having to lug half of the kids’ belongings, fatigue and sleep deprivation notwithstanding. An outing over the weekend was a drama…

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Japanese minimalism

I’ve been getting a lot of Japanese ‘grammers coming up in my Instagram feed and I’m kinda digging it. Although I lived in Japan for a little while, my Japanese is basically non-existent so trying to read the Instagram captions of the above users to ascertain why there have been so many posts isn’t happening. I am loving the easy minimalism…

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Goodbye winter.

The one thing I love about winter is that I get to live in jeans all. the. freaking. time. Now that the weather’s warming up I have to start thinking about -> shaving my legs -> eating clean -> exercising -> skirts and shorts. Time to hide those blocks of Cadbury then. Images: ifyouseekstyle / kitsch_place / gabriellabjersland / tashsefton / literandomz /…

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Home inspo: The home office

Currently my home office is a piece of wood next to the kids’ play area. The table is basically a wooden plank covered in colourful duct tape laid across two side drawers, with a laptop, months-old magazines, children’s toys, husband’s wallet, keys, and paperwork, and the odd dirty coffee cup. Sometimes the home office is in front of the TV…

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Biker chic

I have ridden a motorbike as a pillion passenger before, but these days the closest I’ll get to a bike is a single speed one (and even riding that is questionable).

Normcore luxe

Here’s the thing about Birkenstocks. They are so incredibly ugly that it’s hard to fathom how they’ve become so fashionable in the last few years. My mum has worn Birkenstocks for years because she has terrible feet, not to make a fashion statement. Yet here we are with the likes of Celine and Givenchy making high fashion versions of these sandals.…

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