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Pregnancy Style: Knit Top and White Shorts

Making some of my pre-pregnancy clothes work in my second trimester of pregnancy!

Since a lot of my favourite T-shirts and bottoms don’t fit anymore with my stomach already popping, I’ve had to go in search in my crammed drawers for alternatives. I’m trying not to buy too much extra for this pregnancy and wanting to see how much of my existing wardrobe I can wear before I get too big for them.

While looking for something to wear I rediscovered this purpley/navy knit top by Ben Sherman hiding at the back of one of my drawers. I totally forgot I had it! It also seems to have been bypassed in the various wardrobe culls I’ve had over the last year.

I’m grateful I hadn’t given it away because it was the perfect top to wear for today – nice and lightweight for a warm spring day. It’s also a lovely loose knit so would work well as my belly grows. (Although the two kids were intent on poking their little fingers through the holes!) I paired it with some crisp white shorts (thank goodness for elasticised waists!) and some leopard flats for errands.

Loose knits like this one, elasticised waist pants and shorts, flowy blouses, and swing-style tops are great options that you may already have in your wardrobe that could work in your second trimester and hopefully beyond. These mean that you don’t have to buy specific maternity clothing (which can be quite expensive) and unless you planning to have another one (or more) afterwards, don’t tend to be worn much afterwards.

Speaking of having another child… I did question my sanity in deciding to have a third child when most of the day was spent trying to make sure one child didn’t hurt/maim/injure/etc the other. Most of the time the two munchkins are gorgeous and love each other to bits, but when they fight, it’s really like watching a cat and dog.

Outfit Details
  • Top: Ben Sherman (old) – similar
  • Shorts: Next (old) – similar
  • Flats: Filippo Raphael (hand me down) – similar
  • Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (hand me down) – similar



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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Knit Top and White Shorts

  1. That is the perfect spring knit! 🙂 For normal spring temps, it was 13 degrees here today, crazy. It’s meant to get back to the usual spring like weather next week 🙂

    I’m a big fan of elasticated waists too – they can stretch quite far through pregnancy, and I was just looking the other day at how I managed to make a skirt work in every trimester by tucking it under the bump when the elastic couldnt’ stretch quite so far any more!

    1. Yes! I’m hoping I can get away with not buying any maternity clothes this time around because I’m 100% certain this will be the last time I am pregnant and I don’t want to invest in clothes that I won’t wear afterwards 🙂 Elastic waist items will be my go to!

    1. Ruth I’m getting a belly belt thing tomorrow – I thrifted a pair of maternity jeans last month but they just don’t fit properly and I miss my old jeans so badly! Thanks so much lovely – I don’t feel glowing most days!

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