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Pregnancy Style: Orange Swing Dress and Shopping While Pregnant

A swing dress for a day out with the fam on the weekend, and why I’m not thrifting as much at the moment.

At 22 weeks finding clothes that fit from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe is getting harder and harder. I can actually feel my stomach expanding as the baby grows.

Of course, this is all good news for the bub, but I probably have about 7 items of clothing that probably fit now. So a little overhaul of my pregnancy wardrobe was needed.

I mentioned before that I really didn’t want to invest in specific maternity clothing as this would be the last time I’d be pregnant. So I wanted to find items that would accommodate bump and that I could wear post-partum.

As you know I thrift as much as I can and will try to buy second hand (from op shops, markets or online) where possible. Before pregnancy, the thrill of the find and getting it at a bargain was what I loved.

Now however I’m finding some of the simplest of tasks pretty exhausting. Travelling across the city to my favourite op shops and markets, spending hours going through racks of pre-loved clothes for those hidden gems, and trying them on is just too tiring. Due to health issues,  my trusty babysitters (aka Mum and Dad) can’t look after the kids anymore while I go thrifting with hubby, and every parent knows how tricky shopping is with little ones.

Even shopping second hand online can be a little weary. At this stage in my pregnancy I’m pretty picky with what I’m after as what you see online can look and fit very differently on a pregnant body. Sizing is an issue as well – what may fit now may not in a month’s time.

So for my pregnancy wardrobe update I’ve been ducking quickly into shops while the family and I go to the mall or shopping centre. This way the kids are occupied in play areas while hubby keeps an eye on them and I can have a browse in stores that are within close proximity of each other. Oh, and we can do our weekly groceries as well – multitasking at its best.

In this way I picked up a few things from Sportsgirl, like this orange swing dress. The shape lends itself well to the growing bump, and its breeziness and colour makes it perfect for summer. 50% off the original price also helped in the decision to buy it.

I also bought a swingy mustard top which was also 50% off (see my Instagram for how I wore it) and a pair of khaki drop crotch pants with elasticised waist.

I wore the dress for a day out with the family over the weekend. The humidity has been pretty stifling, and the dress was great for combating the heat.

Do I feel guilty about buying stuff new and forgoing my mantra of buying second hand? Well I do in some ways. I feel like I’ve gone against what I’ve been talking about when it comes to thrifting and buying sustainably.

However, I’m also in survival mode and just really want to spend the rest of my pregnancy as comfortably (and stylishly) as possible, and if it means buying new then so be it. To allay this I’ll ensure whatever I do buy new I’ll try to wear 30 times.

Outfit details
  • Dress: Sportsgirl (similar)
  • Shoes: Hush Puppies (old – similar)
  • Bag: vintage from Surry Hills markets
  • Hat: Forever New (old – similar)


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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style: Orange Swing Dress and Shopping While Pregnant

  1. My theory is do whatever is easiest in pregnancy – even if that means buying new when you’d usually stick with second hand! Everything gets harder so take whatever shortcuts you can!

    I think you picked well too, especially that orange swing dress, I’m loving it! Buttons will be perfect for breastfeeding too, I can see you easily hitting 30 wears on this!

    I continued shopping in both pregnancies but I stuck with good returns policies and brands I knew well enough to know what would still work. Most pieces I still wear now, but the majority of my maternity pieces were passed onto pregnant friends.

    1. Thanks Mica! Orange is so not my usual colour but the style was good and I think the colour is growing on me! I’m hoping a lot of the stuff I’m getting n ow I’ll still be able to wear post-pregnancy – it’s still mainly basics and the odd fun thing or two. I could always ask Santa for some stuff too 😉

  2. You are such a beautiful pregnant lady dear and swing dresses like this are perfect for a pregnant belly. I agree with Mica, buy a few maternity items but you can make do with some loose-fit items you already own too. You wear hats so well too and your fedora is adorable with that orangey dress.

    Welcome by tomorrow and every Thursday to link up with me.

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