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Shopping: Luxe for less

It’s National Op Shop Week here in Australia and it’s a great opportunity (see what I did there – tish boom) to visit your local op shop/thrift store/charity store to nab some great buys as well as support the work these organisations do for the community.

I’ve already spoken at length why I love thrifting, so I’m going to share one of my most favourite buys from my local op shop, the Salvos (short for Salvation Army).

I was just browsing the store one day – you know, the thrill of the hunt – and came across this deep purple Burberry dress. I absolutely adore Burberry, especially the classic trench coats, but could never afford it at full price. So I think I started hyperventilating when I picked up this dress.


It was tagged $65, but every week the Salvos store has 50% off depending on the colour of the tag, and the tag of the Burberry dress happened to be the colour of the week. Consequently I was able to get it for just over $30. Not bad for a designer label dress, eh?


Of course, the dress needed some lovely heels to go with it, and I picked up these barely worn Nine West satin heels from Vinnies for $9.


The bag I’m using in the pics is by Furla, which I actually bought for my mum when Salvos had 50% off everything in their store as part of National Op Shop Week. Mum has a weakness for designer bags, and she herself started hyperventilating when I told her about this one. It ended up being $50 after the discount, which some may say is a bit pricey for a charity shop, but it’s money that goes to helping the community. Given also that normally a Furla bag can cost upwards of $500 I think that’s still a pretty good deal.


Hopefully you’ll get a chance this week to pop into an opshop, and remember that proceeds of sales go towards the charity’s work in helping the community. If you can’t find anything to buy, why not donate some goods for the store to sell, or volunteer some of your time?





Wearing: Burberry dress (from Salvos); Nine West heels (from Vinnies); Furla bag (from Salvos).

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3 thoughts on “Shopping: Luxe for less

  1. Wow, that dress (and the bag) is such a great find! I do some online thrift shopping with ThredUp but it’s been a while since I’ve been to a thrift shop in person. I need to do that soon when I have time to hunt! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Shea xx I would LOVE to access ThredUp, it’s not available in Australia at the moment (as far as I’m aware!).

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