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Outfit: Style ideas from a 4 year old

Some excellent style ideas from my 4 year old fashionista in the making.

My 4 year old daughter has made her own outfit choices for the past two years now. One, it was a way to give her that feeling of independence she so clearly displayed by 18 months. Two, she just loves dressing up.

While there are days Miss 4’s outfit choices are wildly inappropriate for the day’s activities (princess costume for a day in the sand?), she does have some interesting style ideas and choices which I think I should take heed.

1. Wear special occasion clothes outside of special occasions.

Tulle is one of Miss 4’s favourite fabrics. She will think nothing of wearing a frou frou tulle skirt to preschool and no-one bats an eyelid.

The dress she chose for today’s outfit is usually reserved for parties. Nup, she said, I’m wearing it today. For a day being mostly inside the house.

And why not? Special occasions are few and far between these days for me. I have a few “special occasion” dresses and tops that would never see the light of day if I only wore them to said special occasions. Throw one of those fancy tops on with ripped jeans, or sneakers and a tee with that metallic skirt, for a dressed-up casual outfit.

2. Sequins in day are A-OK.

The pants Miss 4 is wearing are one of her favourites, and she normally eschews pants. She loves them because they sparkle and make her outfit “more beautifuller”.

Sequins and sparkles shouldn’t be reserved for night wear. They shine so much brighter in the day, right? Sequinned bottoms might be a bit much (but check out Sally from Steele my Style for inspo and ideas); think sequinned slogan or graphic tees or jumpers for some daytime sparkle.

3. Customise, personalise.

Miss 4’s shoes were thrifted from Vinnies. They originally had beaded bows on them, but these were falling apart. I decided to remove the bows but this left ugly marks where the bows were. Enter a trip to Spotlight to cover them up. Miss 4 chose the mermaids (her second favourite thing after princesses) to glue onto the shoes in place of the bows.

Make an item of clothing your own with some iron on patches, embroidery (example here and here), or tailoring it to be more you.

4. Dance/Dress like no-one cares.

As adults we become more self-conscious of ourselves, sometimes with good reason, but sometimes we forget how to be fun and how to be ourselves. Miss 4 hasn’t got that filter yet, and dresses to make herself happy – not others. This is something I need to remember for myself.

I’m learning as much (if not more) from Miss 4 as she is (I hope) from me.

style tips from a 4 year old

style tips from a 4 year oldWearing: Kachel silk top (thrifted from Vinnies, $8) – chosen from my closet by Miss 4 | DIY embroidered skirt | Prada ankle boots bought second hand from Facebook group | Miss 4’s glitter heart necklace (worn as requested by owner)

Emily from emhawker blog also wrote about the outfits her six-year-old chose for her as her stylist for one week – our children can really help break as out of our ruts with their style ideas!

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