#MyStyle: The case for premium denim brands

Not so long ago I would balk at the idea of paying a lot of money for jeans. I figured, most jeans are designed for those 5’4″ and above and I’d have to cut off a good chunk for them to fit me lengthwise, plus factor in the cost of a tailor (if I couldn’t be bothered hemming them myself), so I couldn’t see why it was worth spending good money on them.

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Embrace the chaos

Whoa. Having a 2 year old hurricane and 5 month old screamer can really take the wind out of you. Today in particular I was on tenterhooks and needed a lot of comfort coffee and chocolate to get through the day. Sometimes I ask myself what I signed up for, especially when I’ve been up since 4am rocking the baby, I haven’t had a shower and look like death warmed up. I know it’s the socially acceptable thing to say “Motherhood is ahhhhhmazing, oh I couldn’t imagine not being a mother”‘; I want the drugs those people are on because quite honestly motherhood is bloody hard work and there are days when I want to be me again – me without kids. Although when my 2 year old says to me “So much I love you mummy” and the infant blows raspberries in joy at the sight of me, yes, motherhood is pretty friggin’ ahhhhhmazing.

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Keep calm and spring will come

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 How To Look Taller: 14 Fashion Tips That Really Work

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Matching! The Alisons of the office — health and beauty editor on the left, fashion editor on the right — were on the same style track yesterday.

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Comfy Casual Style | Sapphire Diaries


What a gorgeous Sydney day it was today – you’d hardly think it was winter what with the number of people wearing shorts and flip flops. It’s a hint of the impending spring season and with it more colour, less heavy gear, and polish on the nails. You know, the important stuff. #firstworldproblems

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Nothing good comes easy

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I’ve had the most shocking sleep this week. Between a two year old waking up in the middle of the night looking for that particular toy (no other substitute will do) and a 5 month old who seems to think it’s party time at 3am, slumber has been fleeting at best. I am constantly reminded “the days are long but the years are short” and to enjoy their precious young lives but right now I just want to curl into a ball, hide under the doona and have the longest sleep I’ve ever had.

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