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Outfit: Wide Leg Pants/Culottes

So those of you who are 5’2″ and under will know my pain when we go shopping for bottoms, specifically pants.

Most pants are made for those who are 5’4″ and over, so for us who are shorter than this “average” height this means we have to chop off a good proportion off the bottoms. While there are times when I can get away with shopping from the girls or teens section of department stores to get the right length of pant (I’ve certainly done this for tracksuit pants or sweatpants), this isn’t always the case for trousers or jeans (ah those child bearing hips!). So when the perfect pair of pants comes along without the need for alterations, it calls for a celebration.

I’m more of a skinny/slim leg pant/jean sort of person – it’s just a personal preference – but lately I’ve been wanting to try looser, wider fits. I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of Levi’s 501s (from the 90s) and I’ve been researching (read: trying on) wide leg pants. Of course, everything I tried on is ridiculously long.

Just before I decided to try DIYing my own wide leg pants, I came across Arisology’s culottes and was pleasantly surprised.


The main thing is that they are the perfect length – as in, they hit just above the heel for me (normally they finish mid-calf on taller girls).


They are a pretty epic version of a wide leg pant – the pleat at the front gives it a really exaggerated width – but it is actually really comfy. It makes for a nice change to the tight jeans and pants I’m always wearing.


Normally I would recommend going with a pair of heels for culottes or wide leg pants, but there are days when I just want to wear a pair of comfy flats so decided to try out how these pants would look with my black Seed slides for a minimalist look. To continue with the minimalist theme, I went with my Zara organic cotton tank top (this is winter in Sydney, folks), and added a waist belt as the overall look needed that third piece.


For a pair of statement pants like these I’d probably go for a monochromatic look, or at least keep the top simple and streamlined (like the tank) – no boxy fit or loose fit tops as the overall silhouette would just overwhelm smaller frames.



Wearing: Zara black organic cotton tank top (similar) | Arisology culottes (these Uniqlo wide leg pants are also perfect for petites) | Seed Heritage black leather slides (similar)

Mes petite amies – what are your tricks for buying bottoms that are the perfect length for you (without a visit to your tailor)?


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    1. Thanks Rania! I would have done something like use my pyjama pants which I like the fit of and do a bit of a pattern from that. I may still do a DIY of these! 🙂

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