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10 Features to Take Your Home to the Next Level

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, consider these 10 features to help bring it up a notch!

When it comes to home decor, iit’s easy to think that you can look out for interiors inspiration and create something you’ve seen. But when you do that, you’re not really making it your own. It’s always going to look too generic. When that’s the case, you may not feel like it reflects you and your family, and before long, you’ll get bored of it too. Instead, you need to learn to apply your own taste, inject pieces of your own personal style, and just have fun with your decor. When you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the decor you’re working with.

But a lot of the time, that’s easier said than done. You need to make sure that the items you’re picking out are going to take your home to the next level, and it’s usually this that can be quite hard. You won’t always know what the best pieces are to do that. While you are still going to need to take your own personal style and taste and work that into your choices, when you know what pieces will take your home to the next level, this will help you execute this in style.

1. Impressive Entryway

One of the most standout features that you’ll ever find in a home will always be the entryway. It’s the first thing that you see when you pull up to and enter your home, and it can often be the area that makes the first impression. So, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to create a stunning entryway in your home. To do this, focus on both the outside and the interior, moving on to the hallway too.

2. Open Plan Living Space

Next, think about working with your living space to make it more open plan. This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you have a smaller home it is one way that you can really maximize the space that you have. If you want to try and create a space that really stands out and looks incredible, open plan can help with that. You will need to speak to your contractor to see if this is something that you can actually create in your home.

3. Statement Fireplace

When you watch those renovation or “flipping houses” shows, the hosts are always so excited when they discover a fireplace. Fireplaces make great statement pieces in a home, but it’s important to get it right. With the right fire installed like the ones Illusion Fires Australia offer, you get a central focus to the room and a feature that brings a touch of luxury to the space too.

4. Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of any home and for a lot of people, the kitchen will be their favorite room in the house. As such it’s a room that you want to get right. You could think about sprucing up what you have, or you could really overhaul it and opt for a modern kitchen with the right cabinets and counters that can really give the room more appeal.

5. Up to date appliances

In addition to the modern kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right appliances in the room too. The kitchen appliances you work in will either add to the space, or really take away from it. From the bigger pieces like your refrigerator and stove, to the smaller appliances like the coffee machine and toaster, you’ll want to make sure that they really work with the room and reflect a space that anyone can use.

6. Dressed-Up Dining Space

Once you’ve got the kitchen and appliances right, you’re then going to want to think about your dining space. This can be a really exciting feature in your home – even if it’s just a table nestled into an open plan kitchen or living space. By styling your dining table, you can really make this part of your living area pop and make it an inviting place to have your meals.

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7. Home Theatre

If you have the space, consider working in a home theatre. If you have a space room either in your living space, upstairs, or even an unused attic, basement, or garage space, it could be the perfect place to create this entertainment hub. Not only does this add a new dimension to your home, but it gives you somewhere to entertain and relax in too.

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8. Decadent Master Suite

The master suite or bedroom is just as important as the living area! You can really work to make this a stunning feature in your home too. Again, you may want to restructure the room layout, so that you can make a bedroom, dressing area, and bathroom ensuite – very much like a hotel room layout. This is often one of the rooms that you’ll be most excited to bring together.

9. A Pool

Of course, this works if you have the space in your backyard for it, but having a pool can really give your home some appeal (and value!), especially if you live in a warmer city. Make sure you are familiar with the regulations for installing a pool and ensuring that it is properly fenced.

10. Intricate Landscaping

Finally, giving your front and back yards some professional landscaping from companies like Legion Landscaping Kennesaw will make sure that all aspects of your home are pulled together. With the right style of landscaping, one that fits the main theme you’ve stuck to for your home, it can really set your property off. But it’s something that you will need to do last, when you’ve worked on the house itself, so that you can make sure it’s all in keeping with your overall theme and makes the right statement.

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3 thoughts on “10 Features to Take Your Home to the Next Level

  1. I’ve seen so many examples and advice about how a good entryway is so important when selling your home, and it makes me a little sad as we don’t have one (unit life!) so I’ve been trying to think it we could do something to make the stairs look fancier (That’s what you see when you open the door, ha!) I will have to continue to think about it so I know what to do if we ever get around to finding another house!

    1. Oh man our entryway is just a disaster – it definitely needs to be spruced up. At the moment it’s a bit of a dumping ground of shoes and bags. Let’s just say the Ikea website has been frequently visited lately 😀

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