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13 going on 30 outfit challenge 6: Saturday markets

One of the great things about living in urban Australia is the access we have to farmers’ markets, which is really the closest thing urbanites have to really fresh produce.

13 going on 30 challenge outfit 6: Saturday markets

Sure you’ve got your Coles and Woolworths, but there’s no knowing how long they’ve cryogenically stored their so-called ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetables. These two supermarkets have really got us by the balls, knowing that urban folk like the convenience of having everything they need in the one store so we can get in and get out fast to get back to our busy lives.

Every now and again though it’s great to go to the farmers’ markets and see what really fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables look like. You get to talk to the growers themselves and I swear there is a real visible difference between what you can get at the farmers’ markets compared to the stuff that’s travelled hundreds of kilometres that’s available at the supermarkets. There’s one market we go to in particular that also has the best bacon and egg rolls we’ve had in Sydney; yes it’s simple fare, but the bacon is just so wonderfully crispy, the bread roll so soft that it soaks up the bacon fat and runny yolk from free range eggs (and again, there is a real difference in taste between free range and caged eggs).

But this isn’t a blog about food, although I will admit to having an obsession with food television and media. So for today’s outfit challenge I came up with an ensemble that would be suitable for an outing to the markets. Double denim is a trend I never thought would come back, but it has with a vengeance; however, the current version of the trend¬†does look considerably better than the Britney + Justin days. Some fashion girls can really pull off the blue denim and blue denim top look, but I find it a bit much on my frame so my take on the Canadian tuxedo trend is to do two different colours of denim – ie, a chambray top and white denim jeans. Flat shoes are the most comfortable for browsing the market stalls, and a basket is a more rustic option for a carry bag.

What do you of the double denim trend? Or, more interestingly, how important is where food comes from to you?

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