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3 Reasons To Declutter Your Home Before The Holidays

Why it’s a good idea to declutter your home before the silly season well and truly begins.

Decluttering your home would seem like to last thing on your mind right now. There’s enough to keep you super busy from getting gifts and decorating, on top of your daily chores.

However I am an absolute fiend for decluttering and clearing out things before the holiday period. It helps makes the silly season a little less silly and gives me less to worry about too. Here are a few reasons why having a declutter before or during the holidays is the perfect time to do it.

Make Space

In our house we have a general rule of ‘one in and one out’. This applies to my own wardrobe as well as the kids’ toys. So if you have bought five toys for your child, for example, then throw out, resell, or donate five of their old ones that they no longer play with. Doing this before birthdays is a good idea too.

You can physically make space around the house too. Do you have extra chairs or side tables that are just taking up space? If you need them back then putting them into storage could be a good idea, somewhere like https://canningvalestorageunits.com.au/until the holidays are over. But if you are happy to get rid of them and don’t see a need for them anymore, donate or sell them. Some physical space during the holidays can be much welcomed.

Teaches Kids To Give As Well As Receive

When we do the “one in, one out rule” for the kids’ toys I always tell them  we’re giving the old toys to kids who aren’t lucky enough to have as many toys as they do. I like to think it gets the kids aware that there are others not as fortunate as them, and the importance of donating.

Of course, anything that should be donated should always be in good condition. Consider if you would give the item to a friend – if not, then throw it away instead. Think about other places to donate too, for example clothing and toys can be donated at a women’s refuge or organisations that help newly arrived refugees. Donating embodies the Christmas season and help you to only have the things in your home that you really need.


Makes Cleaning Simple

If you have guests coming round for Christmas, then it is a no-brainer that the less there is in the house, the simpler it is to clean and tidy. So for peace of mind, having a declutter makes life so much easier! Festive decorations can add new ‘clutter’ to your home, as pretty as it is, and a tree takes up space. So the less you have in a room, the less cluttered the room will look. Keep it simple and clear things that you don’t need. Then your festive prep can be a breeze.

Do you like to have a declutter your home before the holiday period? Are there any tips that you’d share to help declutter? Let me know!


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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Declutter Your Home Before The Holidays

  1. Good tips! I’m planning on making the most of a couple days off before Christmas and doing a massive declutter of everything, to make space for all the new toys and things the Grandparents are sure to buy (and the toys I couldn’t resist buying, ha!).

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