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5 Home Life Hacks You Need With Kids

5 ideas on how to get – and keep – your home organised when you’ve got kids.

It doesn’t matter what every parent tells you about how wonderful life is when you have kids. In reality, life as a parent requires adjusting, whether you’re expecting your first child or your third! You need to prepare your home for kids, and that doesn’t only mean babyproofing every corner and painting the nursery room. Sharing a home with children can be messy, cramped, and demanding. So, it’s essential to make sure that you’ve organised your home life to tackle these new challenges.

Minimise clean up time with some changes

Cleaning your home when you have children is exhausting and time-consuming. There is always a toy lying in the middle of the room at all times, without mentioning the mud on the carpet and the fingerprints on the walls. Instead of trying to develop superpower to deal with the difficulties, you need to simplify your home structure. Your floors can get dirty in no time, so your best option is to look for waterproof flooring surface that you can mop easily if you need to. In other words, forget the carpet and look for laminate and vinyl flooring options; if you have the budget, try wooden floorboards. For your walls, you want a waterproof and washable surface that you can clean easily without needed to re-apply a new coat of paint. And don’t forget sturdy and manageable furniture that is easy to maintain.

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Have a kitchen that fits the whole family

Picture the scene. You’re eldest is drawing at the kitchen table, your toddler is screaming in his high chair throwing food on the floor, and you’re trying to squeeze in to warm the milk for the baby. In short, the kitchen is getting too small. If you can’t afford to move house, consider getting in touch with specialist home extension builders like Stella Design & Construction to find the best solution for your small kitchen problem. For a lot of parents, a big kitchen can dramatically improve your life at home, and help you to establish stress-free dinners!

Everyone has their own space

If you want to avoid drama, you need to give every kid his or her own room. And that means decorating each bedroom to match the taste of one of your children. If two kids are sharing a room, then decorate the two halves differently. From the cliché pink or blue for girls or boys to the gender-neutral style, there is plenty of inspiration online.

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Essential appliances you can’t do without

If you’ve been trying to free yourself from home appliances such as microwave oven or a vacuum cleaner, you don’t have the luxury of the choice when you have children! There are essential items that you need to make your life easier, from a quality vacuum-cleaner to essential kitchen appliances like a slow cooker. They will save you precious time in the long term.

Make sure you have some me time

Finally, being a parent doesn’t mean that you should reject your personal needs. You need some me time to recharge your batteries. You can share a babysitter with a friend so that you can both enjoy some time together while the kids are cared for. Or just put the kids to bed early, which leaves you a few hours of freedom before you go to sleep!

Do you have any tips and ideas to make your home and life easier when you’ve got kids! Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “5 Home Life Hacks You Need With Kids

  1. These are good tips! Especially the paint on the walls! Our place badly needs repainted as the current coat isn’t kid friendly. Thank goodness for magic erasers removing the pen on the walls, but there are still a lot of things that require a new coat of paint, ha! Something we will need to do before we sell.

    1. OMG we need to have a long overdue paint job too. And I just discovered some texta marks on our wooden floor and completely lost it! Ah life with kids.

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