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5 places to get inspiration for your next second-hand shop

There really is nothing quite like finding that special piece at a knock-down price. Have a read through of the top five places to go and get inspiration for your next second-hand shop!

Shopping in a second-hand store is something that everyone should try. It’s environmentally friendly and can help you save a fortune, but for some the rails and rails of clothes hanging there in no particular order and the shelves stocked with goods can be off-putting to some. However, I guarantee you will fall in love with bargain shopping as much as I have! Below are top 5 ways to be inspired for your next second hand shopping trip.

1. Understand classic looks

Charity shops aren’t about trends. You are never going to find the latest looks in there, quite simply because those wearing them won’t be done with them yet. The key, therefore, is to find classic pieces that will never go out of style, or even retro pieces that have somehow managed to find their way back into fashion.

Spend some time researching exactly how to put together a classic look before your next trip to the second-hand store. Then you can begin to quickly assess which pieces will work well.

Witchery shirt from Salvos | Gorman denim skirt from Vinnies

2. Location is important

Charity shops in wealthy areas are the best ones to visit because those with a healthy disposable income are more likely to clear out their wardrobes more often and have better quality clothes. A lot of the time the clothes that these people donate have barely been worn and can be a really good bargain. Shopping in a high-end area is also a great idea if you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion because the wealthy often go to parties and rarely wear the same outfit twice.

Whether you are looking for long dresses or a trouser suit, a second-hand shop in a wealthy area could have the perfect item for you. Do your research online and find out where the well-off areas are around you.

3. Know your prices

Second-hand shops don’t always get prices right. This can sometimes work in your favour, helping you to pick up a special piece at a bargain price. Sometimes, however, things are massively overpriced. It makes sense to do your research before you go so that you have a rough idea just how much you should be paying for certain brands or different goods.

I paid $65 for these vintage jeans at a second hand store – a lot really considering they are second hand! But they’re verrrrrry hard to find and fit so well I couldn’t complain.

4. Plan a route

It’s important when you are shopping for retro items that you give yourself time to enjoy the experience and to really have a good rummage through everything on sale. It might be a good idea to dedicate a morning or afternoon to your shopping experience and visit a few different stores. There are normally a few second-hand shops located within walking distance of each other, so plan a route online and head out for some fun.

5. Think about the good that you’re doing

When you shop in a second-hand shop you are helping a charity. They usually haven’t paid anything for the item that you are buying and so all the money goes straight into the coffers, allowing them to do their good work. Take a look at some of the best charities before you go so that you can feel good about every penny you spend during your shopping trip!


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