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Home Hack: 5 Ways To Give Your Home More Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to sell your home or even just give it a bit of a fresh new look, start with the front of the house to give it more curb appeal!

As soon as Instagram Husband and I knew we were pregnant for the third time we started talking about upgrading where we live. It was perfect when it was just three of us, but started feeling a little smaller when #2 came along (especially when he’s running around the house).

With #3 on its way we’ve started making some improvements to try and make it buyer-worthy by the time we’re ready to sell. It may seem a little strange to start this early (we’re probably at least 12 months away from moving) but being time poor and will be more so when the third baby is here, we’re trying to use this time to get the house spruced up for selling.

If you’re in a similar situation or just want to increase the “sellability” of your house, here are some ways you can start simply by improving its curb appeal!

New windows and doors

Old or grubby window frames and doors will be one of the first things people look at. Consider replacing these with some new aluminium windows & doors  – we did this for our front, side and back screen doors last year. A brightly coloured door can be a great feature for attracting the eye. You could even just refresh the paint job – hubby has been doing this to our front door to liven it up.

Roofing repairs

If your roof is missing slates or shingles it could give your home a slightly decrepit look. Fix up your broken roof to restore it to its full beauty. Roof repair can be a precarious job, so it could be worth calling up a professional roofing repair company.  

Consider also using a high-pressure hose to clean the tiles – either do it yourself (very carefully!) or get a professional. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to the appearance of the house. Poor hubby was also lumped with this job earlier in the year but the roof looks so much better for it.

Exterior lighting

Adding lighting to the outside of your home can keep it looking striking at night. It can also help to deter burglars by making your property more difficult to break into unseen whilst also helping you to find your keys in the dark. We have motion sensitive lighting at the front, which only turns on when someone is outside and hence saves  money on energy. Solar lighting is also great as an ambient form of lighting.


If you’re a green thumb, flowers are a cheap and easy trick to make your home more cheerful and inviting. You can place flowers almost anywhere. Hanging baskets can look pretty either side of your front door. Alternatively, if you’ve got a front lawn, you could plant some flower beds. You can even consider flower boxes on window sills. Choose brightly coloured flowers that contrast the colour of your house.

A garden path

A path leading up to your front door is the perfect, inviting touch. This could be a gravel path or a stepping stone path leading from a gate at the front of your property. You could even consider adding lights either side of this path to direct people in the evenings.

If you’ve already got a concrete garden path, keep it clean with the aforementioned high-pressure hose – it does get grubby pretty quickly with all the foot traffic.

Off-road parking

Having a driveway instead of having to park on the curb can be great for adding value to your property. If you currently have a front lawn, but it is unused, it could be worth transforming this into a driveway. A driveway can be paved or gravel. It’s possible to DIY your own driveway, although some people may find it more convenient to call a professional.

As with the garden path, keep the driveway clean with high-pressure hosing – we did this earlier in the year and it looks so different! A spray of protective seal afterwards also means that you don’t have to do it too often.

Hubby and I have a fair bit to do with making our house have more curb appeal (the gardening in particular) but we’re getting there! Do you have any  other tips and ideas to help improve the curb appeal of a house? Let me know!


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