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5 Ways to Squeeze More Time out of a Busy Day

Because who wouldn’t want to have a bit more time to themselves every day?

Whether it’s some time to catch up on your hobbies or just to sit down and relax with a hot drink and your favourite book, it’s actually fairly easy to squeeze out a bit more time from your day. Here are just five simple ways to do so.

1. Add your “me” time into your schedule

Also known as planned procrastination, it’s absolutely fine to give yourself a bit of “me” time in your busy schedule. Give yourself more breaks throughout the day–you deserve it.

2. Stop reading and listen instead

Find that reading uses up a lot of your time? Whether it’s catching up with a newspaper or even your favourite book, consider listening by investing in audiobooks and news podcasts instead so you can catch up while you do other things like cooking or working out.

3. Stop trying to multitask everything

If you’re trying to do five different things at once to save time then stop! Multitasking is not efficient and you’re far better off just single-tasking instead because you’ll be more focused on completing a single task faster.

4. Analyze your day

Take a look at your day by logging everything you do. Look for areas where time has just completely been lost or wasted and aim to improve yourself by avoiding it in the future.

5. Pay more services to do things for you

If you can afford to, why not consider paying someone to help out with some of the things that need to be done? Whether it’s a maid to clean, a babysitter to look after your little ones, a gardener or even a dry cleaner, hiring services can help you save a lot of time. For example, take a look at the infographic below to see how a dry cleaning service could help.

Graphic by Master Dry Cleaners

What are some other hacks you have that help you squeeze more time into your day?

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