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5 Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants

Trying out 5 ways to wear leggings in outfits that aren’t athleisure inspired!

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I wasn’t comfortable wearing leggings as pants because it just seemed a bit lazy, athleisure when you don’t even go to the gym, I vow to avoid this look as a mum, blah blah yadda yadda.

How wrong I was.

I have now wholeheartedly embraced the leggings as pants look, and have probably rocked leggings as pants at least once a week in my current SAHM status. How could I deny myself the sheer comfort of leggings and the ease in which to get dressed in the morning?

However, my old “errrrr leggings as pants, athleisure when you’re not even exercising” attitude still rears its head now and again so I try not to go down the athleisure route when wearing leggings. Here are 5 ways I’m experimenting with wearing leggings as pants without looking like I’m about to go/have just gone to the gym.

In all of these outfits I’m wearing a pair of black $10 Lululemon leggings I bought from the Karrinyup Swap Meet. I’ve only just jumped on the Lululemon bandwagon but how great are the leggings? They’re super opaque so there’s no peek of flesh, the waistband (on these anyway) are perfectly high waisted, and the quality of the fabric is excellent – minimal pilling here.

1. Leggings + oversized button up blouse + loafers

Wearing: Current/Elliott The Perfect shirt (bought at a garage sale)
Lululemon leggings
Witchery shoes bought from Carousell (similar)

Most of these outfits pretty much follow the single rule I have for wearing leggings as pants – make sure the top covers at least the bottom. That way it’s not completely obvious I’ve gone the lazy legging route and it kind of looks like I’m wearing really slim fitting stretchy pants, haha! This is the most frequent way I wear leggings as pants – it doesn’t have to be a chambray shirt, it could be a simple white button up shirt, your husband/partner/brother/whatever’s shirt… just as long as it covers the bum. The loafers are another attempt to dress up the leggings a bit.

2. Leggings + long cardigan + graphic tee + loafers

Wearing: Acne Studios Raya Cardigan in Forest Green (from Facebook group)
Anine Bing Tiger T-Shirt (from Facebook group)
Lululemon leggings
Hand-me-down Filippo Raphael leopard loafers (similar)

This is another common way I’ll wear leggings during the week. The tee I’m wearing here doesn’t quite cover the bum so I remedy this with an extra long cardigan. The graphic tee helps draw attention away from the fact I’m wearing leggings, haha! Loafers here again (and I went with leopard for that feline theme), but sneakers are another typical footwear choice in this type of outfit.

3. Leggings + long blazer + boots

Wearing: Free People blzer bought second hand from Mercado 32 (similar)
Lululemon leggings
Seed suede chelsea boots (similar)

This was more of an experiment rather than a look I normally wear, as this blazer is an oversized one that just covers the bum. I chose to wear the blazer with only the bra underneath (hey, I was just at home for this blog post!) but I’d probably go with a lacy cami for a bit more coverage underneath. It was all ok until I saw my footwear choice… personally, boots and leggings are a no go for me. I like to have a bit of skin between the end of my pants and the top of the boot, and here it just truncated my legs more than I liked. So maybe some heeled shoes for this combo.

4. Leggings + oversized sweater + sneakers

Wearing: Needle and Thread jumper bought second hand from Mercado 32
Lululemon leggings
Vans slip on sneakers

OK this is probably the closest to athleisure wear inspired as I got with this leggings as pants outfit… but instead of your usual Adidas/Champion/Lorna Jane etc jumper I went with a bejewelled one because why not wear embellishment during the day? Oversized of course so that it covers the bum (this one kind of skims mid-bum but I’ll let it go), and sneakers so that it looks like I’m not trying to hard with the embellishments during the day attitude.

5. Leggings + black turtleneck + ballet flats

Wearing: Max Mara turtleneck thrifted from Salvos
Lululemon leggings
Zara black leather ballet flats (similar)

Yes I am breaking the “top covering the bum” rule with this outfit… but mainly because the one and only black turtleneck I have in my wardrobe is ever so slightly cropped. I really like this combo – very Audrey Hepburn-esque, and in the right angles makes me look like I’ve lost 8 kgs – but would prefer the turtleneck to be a bit more oversized and have a bit more bum coverage. Instagram hubby liked this combo too of the 5!

So what do you think? Are you also a leggings as pants devotee, and how do you like to wear them as such? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear Leggings as Pants

  1. I can’t get used to leggings as pants as no matter how opaque they are I feel they don’t give me enough coverage. Jeans just feel thicker, haha! But you wear these so well. With the chambray shirt is my fave 🙂

    1. Haha yes I know what you mean! That’s why I have to have my bum covered up! It’s so comfy though, I have to admit I did the leggings as pants combo today 😀

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