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A Week Without Jeans Style Challenge: Wrap Up

Wrapping up my personal style challenge of surviving a week without wearing jeans!

Hands up if you’re guilty of wearing jeans pretty much every day? That’s me. I could easily wear jeans every single day and not even notice it – in fact, I probably have – but I wanted to see if I could do 7 days straight without wearing them.

I have to admit, I thought I’d pike early on – for me, jeans are central to my mumiform! And I’ve blogged about it enough times (here, here and here) that it borders on obsessive. Key to making this challenge succeed was planning what I’d wear every day and accommodate my outfit to whatever was scheduled.

Here’s what I wore for each day of the jean free week!


Sussan cardigan (similar) | Witchery striped turtleneck (simiilar) |
Witchery coated denim dungarees (similar) |
Seed Heritage suede ankle boots (similar)

Prior to planning this outfit I had actually considered donating these dungarees. I haven’t worn them in ages – being pregnant, summer and all that – and I also felt that I wasn’t really into them anymore. When I asked on Instagram if I should keep the overwhelming response was yes, but I gotta admit… I’m not so sure.

How to make dungarees more age-appropriate? I like black dungarees – they seem a bit more polished than your regular dungarees -and these are a waxed denim so can be dressed up too. Wear with sandals or slides in summer and ankle boots in winter – I find wearing sneakers does that evoke teenage vibes.


Topshop moto jacket (similar) | Sportsgirl chambray shirt (similar) |
Seed Heritage jogging pants (similar) | Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers

I read somewhere that French women generally don’t wear yoga pants or leggings for their daily activities – they reserve these for their gym activities. However, they do wear “le jogging” or jogging pants.I’m with the French on this one – I’m not a huge fan of leggings as part of my day-to-day activities, although I do see a lot of mums rocking them so well. I just don’t do it myself.

You can’t beat jogging pants (or trackie daks) for comfort though – I’d argue that they’re comfortable than leggings – and no camel toe! The addition of a button up shirt and leather moto jacket elevates the old trackie daks and makes the outfit a wee bit dressier.

Wednesday: SKIRT

Lioness coat (similar) | Uniqlo Heat Tech turtleneck (similar) |
Sportsgirl polka dot skirt (similar) | Zara ballet flats (similar)

It’s been pretty cold in Sydney but there have been the odd days where the sun has come out. Today was one of those days so I took the opportunity to wear a skirt. This is actually more of a summer skirt – it’s a fairly thin fabric with no lining – so opaque tights were absolutely necessary. It’s the easiest way to winterise a summer skirt and get more mileage out of them!


Topshop moto jacket (similar) | Comme Des Garcons Play striped shirt |
pants from Mercado32 (similar) | Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

I’ve had these culottes in my wardrobe for ages but I always found them to be mega wide leg. They’re originally from Japan, and the girls there wear these with aplomb, but I just can’t wrap my head around these epically wide leg ones.

I decided to give them a go today and was pretty happy with the outfit. I kept it neutral – better to be safe than sorry with a newish piece of clothing I’m not so sure about – and with the width of the pants kept the top fitted so that the pants didn’t overwhelmy my petite frame. I went with Chucks to try and copy those Japanese girls who wear these culottes with style.


Cecilie Copenhagen blouse | Sportsgirl drop crotch pants (similar) | Isabel Marant Leo shoes 

I do love a good pair of drop crotch pants, but the crotch can’t be so ridiculously dropped that it’s hanging around near the knees. Hubby on the other hand doesn’t get the appeal. I like pairing droppies with feminine pieces like the blouse and wrap around flats to counter the masculine vibes of the pants.

Saturday: DRESS

Levi’s denim jacket | Muji cashmere scarf (similar) |
Portmans wrap dress (similar) | Seed Heritage suede ankle boots (similar)

Mum and I had planned a “mum and daughter” morning out to Kirribilli Markets, and as it was a nice day I decided to go with this dress I’d bought second hand from Mercado 32. Being a faux wrap dress made of stretchy jersey fabric it was perfect for breastfeeding! TIghts were essential as it was still rather cold in the shade. I had been participating in No Buy July up until this point – but Kirribilli Markets always has some great finds so unfortunately I broke the no buy rule today!


Anine Bing sweatshirt | Bonds ponte pants (similar) | Golden Goose Deluxe Brand “Slide” sneakers (similar)

I know I mentioned above that I don’t do leggings as pants – and here I am wearing leggings – but technically these were sold as “ponte pants” so I’m going with that. I do have a post coming up about leggings, but whenever I do wear “leggings as pants” they have to be quite a thick fabric, like these ponte ones. Generally I don’t like wearing anything cropped when wearing these ponte pants but I absolutely love this sweatshirt from Anine Bing.

Thoughts after the challenge

Whilst I do adore my jeans, it’s definitely a nice change to have options! Outfit planning is as always essential when doing a challenge like this – there were days when the weather was cold and I really wanted to wear a pair of jeans, but remembered what outfit I had planned and tweaked it a little to make it warmer. It’s interesting that whenever I wear a skirt or a dress people ask me if I’m going out or comment that I look nice – it makes me wonder what they think when I’m wearing plain old jeans, haha! Maybe I should wear them more often!

If you’d like to do this challenge for yourself, use the hashtag #aweekwithoutjeans to share your jean-free outfits!

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4 thoughts on “A Week Without Jeans Style Challenge: Wrap Up

  1. yes on anything other than jeans feeling / being regarded as being ‘dressed up’! You did so well with your challenge. I’m trying to switch things up a bit when I realise I’m in a jeans rut, but I have been loving them in winter for lazy outfit ideas. SOmetimes I need to be more adventurous though and break out my dresses and skirts with my fleecey tights!

    1. Thanks Mica! It’s so easy to fall into the jeans and top rut, there’s so little time to get ready in the morning so it’s my go to combo. When I wore the skirt somebody asked if I was already back at work, haha! “No, just felt like dressing up!”

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