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Mum Life: Keeping fit during pregnancy with Aaptiv

In today’s post I’ll be talking about the fitness app Aaptiv and how I keep fit during this pregnancy!


In the last couple of months I started doing a mummy exercise group, where I could take Mr 2 and have him cared for by someone while I participated in a bootcamp-style class. Of course, within a few weeks of starting I found out I was pregnant, so needed to take it easy with some of the exercises. However, due to time constraints I can only do this class once a week – but I was enjoying being active again and wondered how I could supplement my class with other safe exercises I could do.

So when I came across  #TeamAaptiv and their new maternity programs I had to give them a try! After the initial couple of weeks of morning sickness where I was unable to get up off the couch most days, I was able to try out some of the exercises.

There are multiple reasons why it’s so important to keep fit during pregnancy; for me being petite, I didn’t want to put on too much weight in this pregnancy. Also, I was finding doing my mummy exercise classes actually helped with my morning sickness, probably because I was too busy focusing on exercise than the feelings of nausea. Obviously, doing one class isn’t enough, so Aaptiv looked like a great way to keep active without going to an actual class.

Aaptiv is a fitness app that provides audio classes with music. It has loads of different workouts from running, strength training, indoor cycling, stairclimbing, through to yoga, stretching and even meditation. Aaptiv also has specific training for marathons, as well as programs and challenges to follow. Of course, I chose the “Maternity Program”.

aaptiv review maternity program

When you’re pregnant it’s super important to do exercises that are safe to do while you’re carrying bub. When you’re in a class environment the trainer can always help you out, but what if you don’t have a trainer to tell you what’s safe to do? The classes in the Aaptiv maternity program were created with the safety and health of the mum in mind, so all the exercises are perfect to do during pregnancy.

I also love that the classes are split by trimester, because of course as you get bigger, what your body is able to do changes!

aaptiv review maternity program

While you can do a variety of different classes, I really wanted to focus on my strength rather than cardio, so tried out the Circuit Times 4 class in the second trimester of the maternity program. It was a good sign when the class started with Michael Jackson’s “Bad”.

It’s a good idea to become familiar with exercise terminology before you start the classes as these are all audio – there aren’t any videos to show you how to do them. All classes start with a warm up, and the trainer talks you through the exercises (and keeps you motivated!). In the “Circuit Times 4” class Rochelle also gives you options on how to do the exercises – for example, you could do the push ups on your knees, or do single leg glute bridges if you’re feeling strong. The music for the class is also really upbeat and works well with the exercises.

I also tried out the “Lower Body Shake” class which got my heart pumping, even though it was more of a strength training class! It was a good way to combine cardio and strength training in one.

I really enjoyed using the Aaptiv app and loved how I could do my workout outside in the backyard while the kids played. It’s really important that kids see you doing exercise so they know the importance of keeping active and are interested in exercising and sport themselves!

Along with my weekly exercise class, the Aaptiv app is a great way to keep fit during my pregnancy and my energy levels high. As with any exercise while pregnant, make sure you get the all-clear from your doctor or OB before you start. If you’re interested in using Aaptiv, you’ll get a one week free trial to make sure it’s right for you.

With thanks to Aaptiv for letting me try out the app! 


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4 thoughts on “Mum Life: Keeping fit during pregnancy with Aaptiv

  1. Oh this sounds like a fun app! I agree with you too, it’s good for the kids to see you getting some exercise in. Trying to get a toddler not to crawl all over you while doing yoga is tricky and nearly impossible though, haha! As soon as they see the mat come out they want to sit on it!

    Walking was my usual go-to pregnancy exercise, changed to running last time around as I tried to keep up with a toddler, ha! I can’t imagine how much running around you’d do while pregnant with two little ones already! 🙂

    1. Yeah I do feel I get enough cardio running after the 2 year old, haha! He also still likes being carried when he’s tired so I get a bit of strength training too! They love running around the yard calling out “We’re doing exercise too Mummy” so I guess watching me work out has paid off 😀

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