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All about the #NoSpendber Challenge

On Tuesday (the 1st of November) I announced on Instagram that I would be undertaking a personal challenge which I dubbed #NoSpendber. Here’s a little bit more on what it’ll entail and why I’m doing it.

Over the last 3 or 4 months I’ve committed myself to creating and curating a “slow wardrobe”, whereby I add items to my existing closet bought either second hand or via ethically made brands or labels. Most of my purchases have been via op shops/thrift stores and buy/swap/sell avenues such as Facebook groups or selling apps such as Carousell. However, I felt like O just kept buying stuff without really assessing whether or not I actually needed them.

For example, I bought a pair of $30 Zimmermann printed pants second hand through a Facebook group that I’m a part of. They’re gorgeous pants, don’t get me wrong, but did I really need them, or was I buying it because A. they’re by Zimmermann and/or B. they were $30? Looking at my pants collection you’d probably say no I didn’t. But I got them anyway.

And there were mornings where I felt I didn’t know what the hell to wear, even though I was building up a lovely collection of beautiful second hand clothes, including a lot of high-end brands that I was able to buy at a great price through the aforementioned channels.

As a result, I decided that for the month of November I would commit to wearing only what I had in my closet without buying anything “new” – in my current buying pattern, this meant no purchases (clothes, shoes, bags and accessories) from my favourite opshops, second hand markets and online groups/apps. On Instagram I’m using the hashtag #NoSpendber (see what I did there) to document outfits I’ve created from my existing wardrobe items.

This was always going to be hard, because this is one of my favourite things to do – surf the net or apps for the next great bargain, spend hours at the markets or opshops browsing the racks for something beautiful to add to my wardrobe. Even now, almost one week in, I still find stuff I love online, but haven’t acted upon it – just parked it aside to be considered again after my challenge.

And even after almost one week, I’ve realised a few things about my existing wardrobe, which I’ll collate and share at the end of my challenge. One of them however is the question Do I really need 8 striped tops in my wardrobe??Is this a symptom of just buying striped tops out of habit and comfort? This is what I’m hoping to find out. Of course, I’m also hoping that I’ll save some money at the end of the challenge!

Every week I’ll try to post my favourite outfits from the previous 7 days to share why they’re my favourites, as well as some learnings and discoveries from doing this challenge (which I hope you find interesting!).

Wearing: Bassike striped tee (bought from Camberwell markets); Country Road pants from last year; Sam Edelman flats (bought secondhand).

My first outfit for the NoSpendber challenge and it’s pretty much my mumlife uniform – stripes and pants. Yeah, it’s not exciting, so I tried to spice it up a bit a print mix of stripes and leopard. This was actually the day I realised I had 8 striped tops in my wardrobe that were pretty much the same colourway.

Wearing: Witchery blouse (bought secondhand from Salvos); Zara dark denim culottes from last year; Bally loafers (bought secondhand from Salvos).

This day was a grim realisation that many of my trusty jeans and pants were starting to feel tight around my waist, including these culottes. And it was only my second day into the challenge. So, first world problem as this sounds, this was a little depressing. Perhaps the challenge should have been to lose some kilos instead.

Wearing: Dotti embroidered chambray dress from last year; DIY lace up flats

This dress has been saved many a time. Every time I go to clear out my closet of things I don’t wear anymore I include this dress, only to pull it out of the donation bags at the last minute. There’s something about it that makes me refuse to let it go, even if I don’t wear it as much as, hmmm a striped shirt?? My neighbour complimented me on the dress that day I wore it, so it’s going to live another day in my wardrobe.

Wearing: Bardot lace top (gift from my mum); Rag and Bone denim shorts (bought originally as jeans, via Gumtree); Hush Puppies sandals

On Instagram I mentioned how I only ever wore this top for special occasions, such as date nights with hubby or fancy get togethers with friends; but these special occasions are pretty rare these days so this gorgeous top never really got to be worn as much as it should. So for a 1st birthday party I risked wearing it, and the top survived a clingy toddler and a cranky 3 year old. I also received a couple of compliments wearing the top so that was nice too. I like mixing up the girly lace with grungy rips from the denim shorts.

Follow along on Instagram to see my #NoSpendber challenge outfits and check back on the blog every week to read more about the challenge as I go along. I’ll be sharing some ideas on how I’m going to survive the challenge as well as what I’m learning and finding out about myself and my spending habits along the way!

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