Best Lighthouse Lamps to Buy in 2020

Best Lighthouse Lamps

Looking for the best lighthouse lamps? Lighthouses are considered as a symbol of safety, salvation, overcoming challenges and guidance, and there are many who love these somewhat mystical buildings and want to decorate their nautical-themed or beach themed homes with perfect lighthouse decor. We have so many lighthouse light decorating ideas and it was very difficult to set aside only 18 best lighthouse lamps. Here are the most beautiful lighthouse lamp for the house and yard that will delight anyone, not just lighthouse lovers.

White Lighthouse Table Lamp

Lighthouses were used to warn ships of coastlines and served as stunning architectural additions to any nautical areas they were built. The Nantucket table lamp will bring a mini lighthouse right into your space. A white fabric shade sits on top of the lamp, while a finial that matches the lighthouse helps to carry the nautical style all the way to the top of the light. Whether you’re looking to put it in your light and airy nautical cottage or in your space with a beach-theme going on, the Nantucket table lamp takes inspiration from the rugged coasts of New England and brings a touch of the classic views into your space!

Tiffany Style Lighthouse Glass Accent Lamp

  • SEASIDE DESIGN: At 10.4"H, this whimsical design of a lighthouse, created with all real glass is a great accent for your ocean-side escape.
  • REAL STAINED GLASS: Hand crafted using the same techniques that were developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900's, this beautiful Tiffany Style piece contains hand cut glass in blue and white.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: A nautical design that is expertly crafted with more than 50 real glass pieces to create a warm, coastal accent piece perfect for your office, living room or dining room space.
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 5"L x 5"W x 10.375"H
  • REQUIRES: One (1) E12, 7W bulb (not included).

Wooden Beacon Lamp Lighthouse 3D Model

If you want to take some effort and take part in making this extraordinary lamp model, it was created for you.Exclusive, elegant Lighthouse Lamp made of natural wood. It creates a unique lighting solution. Detail of the interior in eco-style. Made of high quality plywood. After you put this model together you will be pleased with how it looks in your home.

Eagleville 30″ Table Lamp

If your home has a nautical motif, then you need to add to the aesthetic with this product. The lighthouse itself is made from polyresin and includes an array of colorful finishes. You may not be able to guide ships to shore, but you can find your way around a room with the light that comes through the round, hardback shade.

Solar Lighthouse Solar Powered Outdoor Floor Lamp

If your home has a nautical motif, then you need to add to the aesthetic with this product. The lighthouse itself is made from polyresin and includes an array of colorful finishes. You may not be able to guide ships to shore, but you can find your way around a room with the light that comes through the round, hardback shade.

Battery Operated Margaritaville Village Lighthouse

The tower is decorated in a relief map of the ‘Margaritaville’ region. The LED light in the tower pulses on and off, creating the illusion of a rotating beacon. It is battery operated lighthouse (3-AA Required).

Cana Island 1869 collectible lighthouse lamp

Cana Island is perhaps Door County’s most photographed lighthouse. The light station grounds include a number of original buildings: the light tower, the hexagon-shaped oil house; the lighthouse keepers’ home; a period brick privy; and a wooden barn. When the lighthouse was originally constructed from Milwaukee cream city brick in 1869, it was the tallest brick structure in Door County.

Lighthouse Floor lamp

The original lamp body, the lamp body has been painted in many places, and the old effect is artificial.It does not drop the paint, and the overall highlights the Mediterranean retro style. This great lamp is perfect for living room, bedroom, study, cafe, restaurant, hotel, etc.

Solar Rotating LED Lighthouse Light

Solar powered light rotates similar to real lighthous. Made of metal. (1) rechargeable battery (included) charges using the sun’s rays and advanced Moonrays solar technology to provide light for up to 8-hours on a full battery charge. This Solar Powered LED Lighthouse is perfect for flower gardens, all while taking advantage of solar energy. Made of polyresin, this lighthouse has a light which rotates similar to a real lighthouse with a white LED that automatically illuminates at night. The LED bulb will never need to be replaced and will remain cool to the touch at all times, providing safe lighting that will not burn or heat-up.

Evul Todai Lighthouse Lamp

This highly original lamp has a distinctly Japanese quality that will nonetheless be enjoyed the world over. Unique in form and design, the Evul Todai Lighthouse Lamp is also a superb therapeutic tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As the name suggests, the lamp imitates Japan’s iconic lighthouses (“todai”), while employing a heat convection turning system for its photo lens.

Solar Rotating LED Lighthouse Light

Indoors or out, the ocean-blue glass and white metal of this lighthouse lantern is a cheerful coastal accent for your home. Open the door to place a candle inside to soak in the cheery radiance. Features ocean-blue colored glass and white metal.

Rustic Nightlight

The LED strip inside lamp made it look like a real lighthouse lantern, which looks stunning in the dark. You can use it as a nightlight or as an additional light in the living space. Homes with a rustic ambiance will get a great addition with this lighthouse lamps decor.

During the day, the lighthouse nightlight is a great addition to your home decor.

Handmade Iron Mediterranean Nautical Color Changing LED Lighthouse Lantern Light

This ia another fantastic Mediterranean Retro Iron LED Night Light. It is a great for Gifts & Decor. It creates a stunning display of light and shadow; Fabulous decor item for both indoors and outdoors. Batteries Included

Nautical Scenic Outdoor Lighthouse Statue with Solar Powered Lantern LED Light Patio Decor

This Guiding Light Cape Hatteras lighthouse statue with LED solar lantern is an excellent nautical scenic decor for your excellent taste! It features expert craftsmanship and hand paintwork. LED lamp figurine is solar powered and it comes on automatically when the sun sets and off when light is present. Solar lantern is equipped with one rechargeable battery. Use this statue as a path light, tree house decor, patio courtesy light, and many other areas of your house that is covered to your fancy.

Naglee Lighthouse 32″ Buffet Lamp

If you are looking for the perfect decor for your beach house I think we have the right one for you that has to knock you off your feet. This nautical lamp looks really awesome.

Reilly Lighthouse Outdoor Floor Lamp

Handmade, unique, beautiful.. This authentic stone floor lamp adds beauty and elegance to any landscape, flower garden or dock area. It is constructed from manufactured stone and poly material over a wooden framework, making it relatively maintenance-free. Light up and decorate your yard is the perfect way.

DIY Lighthouse Lamp from Natural Stone

In this video you can check out how to build a model lighthouse lamp. Natural stone is a free, often neglected, but visually pleasing material. It cuts fairly easily using an angle grinder and diamond abrasive discs. This lighthouse is entirely fictitious, not based on any real construction. YES, it is heavy for a lamp! About 44 lbs.

How To Make Lighthouse Of Cardboard And Solar Light

Want to make your own personal and unique lighthouse lamp? No problem, although we are not skilled with hands and do not know how to make ourselves, we love to see how creative people make some very interesting stuff. Find out how to make solar powered cardboard lighthouse.

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