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Blogging realisations and making changes

For the last few weeks I have been speaking to a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a long time – with one of us having kids (me) and the other living in another country (her) it’s been hard to catch up, even online. We’ve been talking about the business of blogging while she’s in town.

(Warning: long read)

My friend doesn’t have a blog nor social media (except a personal Facebook account), even though she works in a communications-related role and is a serious fashion horse. I mean, if she did have an Instagram account of her outfit posts, she would rack up huge numbers, she is ridiculously stylish. But she does work long hours in her role and I guess working on social media in her work means she probably wants to distance herself from it in her downtime.

Anyway, I told her about how I had started this blog and how lately I’d been in a bit of a funk – not only was I having very little time to write, but I was also losing track of what the blog was about.

I told her about how I was blogging about my capsule wardrobe experiment and my failed attempt at the first one, how the winter one was going OK so far but it’s only been one month and I couldn’t guarantee that the same would happen with this one. Not only had I been in a writing funk, but I was also in a style funk – as in, I didn’t feel happy with my wardrobe.

First she asked me “why did you start blogging in the first place?”

I said it was a way to have a creative writing outlet from my roles as a mother and my academic job, and how I wanted document whatever inspired me. I told her how I had changed it to then include my personal style, posting my mummy and petite style outfits, and how I then started a capsule wardrobe experiment and DIY/refashions. My friend raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“It sounds a bit all over the place to me,” she said. “So why did you start a capsule wardrobe?” she then asked.

I replied that I had always been interested in the idea of one but hadn’t been able to; and that it was in line with other writing work that I was doing on other websites.

My friend then said (not necessarily word for word) “But have you wondered why you took so long to start a capsule wardrobe? Why your first capsule wardrobe experiment failed not because of your clothing choices? Why technically, in the strictest definition of the term, that what you call your current winter capsule wardrobe is really not one? Could it all be because really, and you know deep down, a capsule wardrobe isn’t for you?”

She continued that maybe the funk I was feeling, in both my style and blog, was because I wasn’t being consistent with what I was writing about. Essentially, what was my blog all about? Was it about DIYs? Was it about personal style? Was it about how to create capsule wardrobes? Heck, even I couldn’t answer that question.

Basically she was suggesting that somewhere, somehow, in the last few months I had lost where I was trying to take this blog, and in fact maybe I lost a little bit of me too. She suggested that maybe I was trying to be somebody who I wasn’t when I was doing the capsule wardrobe experiment, that I was trying to make my blog into something it wasn’t, and that affected the direction and tone of my blog.

And maybe I was. Don’t get me wrong, the outfits that I did post are what I actually wore, but I may have been more inclined to blog more if I didn’t feel restricted to the capsule wardrobe and what I thought I should be wearing rather than what I actually wanted to wear.

Realising that, accepting that the capsule wardrobe experiment doesn’t work for me, and having a blog that for all intents and purpose didn’t really have an intent nor a purpose for a while have led to the following decisions.

So I’m going back to blogging about what inspires me.

I’ll continue to post my personal style outfits.

I may be doing the odd DIY or refashion post, depending on how much time I have.

If I get the chance I’ll do some lifestyle posts like what it’s like to be a mum, or any travels that I do.

But I’m not doing the capsule wardrobe anymore. Not for this blog, anyway. (I’ll still continue to write about capsule wardrobes on, if you’re interested in reading more about them!)

So the blog will be more about me, and less about what I think I should be.

And you know what? That is actually a big weight off my shoulders.

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