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The Bullet Journal: Why and How I’m Using One

In today’s post I’m sharing why I’ve started a bullet journal and how I’m using it!

If you’re unfamiliar with what a bullet journal is, simply google “what is a bullet journal” and there are loads of posts about them. It’s basically whatever you make it – a planner, a journal, a way of noting and tracking your goals, for example.

I’d always wanted to use a bullet journal but didn’t really know what I wanted to use it for. However, having set out my #18for2018 goals for this year, I was able to get a better idea of how I could potentially use a bullet journal to help me.

I bought a Jot Dot Doodle Notebook from my local bookstore, simply because it was the only one I could find without ordering it online. However, you could use any notebook really – the beauty of a bullet journal is that it’s whatever you make it. I loved the simplicity and flexibility of a traditional bullet journal (ie where the pages are dotted rather than lined). Also, working with pen-and-paper rather than a digital format just gives me more focus and clarity, like what I’m doing for my blog planning.

I started the journal off with a pictorial demonstration of my #18for2018 goals. For me it was a way of expressing my creativity (with my limited drawing skills, hah!) as well as making the goals are little more visual.

You could do a calendar-style or diary-style way of tracking what you need to do for the week or month, but I just went with a to-do list for January (not pictured – some things are sacred, lol) as well as a habit tracker.

Obviously, I’m not on track with my goals and habits! I remember reading something on my Instagram feed about January being the “warm-up” and February being where you start to kick goals – so I’ll go with that!

However, what I am really loving about using the bullet journal is the meal/dinner planning.

On Wednesday or Thursday nights I’ll plan what the family is eating for dinner the week ahead. This is so helpful in terms of grocery shopping so that I only buy what we need, which was one of my goals this year. In each box I note what ingredients I need to buy from the grocery store so  know exactly what to get. I don’t follow it super-religiously in that whatever I’ve written down for the night we’ll have – I might change one night for another, for example. But overall I have a plan of what we’re going to eat, and also make a note of what the family enjoys so I can include it again later.

I also have a wishlist of how I’m going to tackle the household chores. I say wishlist because most of the time I don’t get to complete all that I need to do, but at least I have an idea of what needs to be done when.

I’ve also seen bullet journals with daily gratitude lists, achievement lists, and daily to-do-lists – what you do with your bullet journal is endless! It doesn’t have to be super colourful – I’ve seen really creative ones that blow my sad illustrations out of the water – but it’s whatever you make it and how you want to use it. Just go and get writing!

Have you or are you interested in starting a bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below!

What You Need to Get Started
  • A bullet journal
  • 2-3 different coloured pens
  • A ruler (optional)
Things You Could Include in Your Bullet Journal
  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly, weekly or daily to do list
  • Habit tracker (weekly or monthly)
  • Meal planner
  • Ideas
  • Gratitude list
  • Diary of what happened every day and what you’ve learned
  • Achievement tracker/goals hit for the month

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