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Buying Second Hand Fashion: Using Shedd

In my third post on using phone apps for buying second hand fashion, I’m talking about the relatively new app Shedd.

Shedd appeared on the pre-loved buy and sell scene fairly recently (I only became aware of it last year), and I’ve been using the app myself for 6 months. Unlike Carousell where you can sell pretty much anything, Shedd is only for fashion – clothes, bags, shoes. Bloggers like Feivan Fan (previously The Aesthetics), Style Structure and even Elle Ferguson can be found on the app selling their stuff.

I’ve sold one item through Shedd, and I’ve also bought one item – this pair of Converse Chuck Taylors for $15.

Yes, they were worn and faded when I bought them, but I didn’t mind that so much. They still had plenty of life and wear left in them. After a kerfuffle with our agreed meeting time, the seller was very apologetic and actually dropped the shoes off at my house.

Pros of Using Shedd
  • You can search by location. As long as you have your GPS turned on your phone, the app will be able to search by “Nearby” (0km so within your neighbourhood); “In the area” (up to 5km away); “Far Away” or “Anywhere”.
  • It has quite a nice, clean interface, and I like that it focuses just on fashion.
Cons of Using Shedd
  • The location thing. I mentioned above that if you want to search by those 4 locations you need to have the GPS turned on. In fact, the app will only work if you have the GPS on. It won’t work for technology conspiracy theorists like me who hardly ever turn on the GPS on their phones.
  • Also on location – who TF set up the distances for “Nearby” and “In the area”? Up to 10km is nearby for me. I’d rather that the app allowed me to choose the distance I could search up to (like what Carousell does) rather than be a pre-determined distance.
  • When you’re posting an item you can only upload ONE DAMN PHOTO. What the hell is that? It means that you need to send the seller a private message for more photos even if you just want to look at the item. As a seller I think this is an awful feature – having more photos gives buyers more of a trigger to purchase it.
  • As with Carousell, replica or counterfeit items can be uploaded, so I’d only buy high street items from here unless you know what to look for in a fake.
  • Shedd can only be accessed through the app. While Carousell does function better in the app, it also has a web version. Shedd doesn’t, so sometimes you can only use your crappy phone camera to take a photo of an item you’re trying to sell.
  • You can’t leave feedback – eBay and Carousell do this so you can see how well the user is as a buyer OR seller. You can’t do this on Shedd.
  • And WTF is with searching by hashtags?!! It only allows you to search by using a hashtag which I think is effing ridiculous – are we trying to get everyone to think in freaking hashtags these days?Here’s an example of a recent search: I was looking for black ankle boots. In Carousell, I typed in “black ankle boots”, cool, I got perhaps 112 items. On Shedd however:
    – #black #ankle #boots
    – #black #ankleboots
    – #blackankleboots
    – #blackankleboot
    – #black #boots
    – #blackboots
    Every time I found different items that I didn’t see in my previous hashtag search. And heaven help those who misspelled their hashtag, forgot connecting words like “and”, or forgot to pluralise.

You can kind of guess that Shedd is not my favourite app for buying or selling, but people do use it. As I mentioned above I’ve sold one thing and have had inquiries about others so I guess those people don’t find I as annoying as I do.

Wearing: Kenzo jumper bought from Facebook group | Witchery leggings bought second hand from Camberwell market | Converse high tops bought via Shedd

Have you used Shedd before? What did you think of it? Would you use it to buy and sell fashion? Let me know in the comments below!

UPDATE 26th April: I just got a message saying that Shedd will no longer operate in Australia – the app will still be available for use but all operations regarding the app will be offshore so items may take longer to be approved, or not at all. Suffice it to say it’s probably likely I won’t be using this app anymore for buying and selling.

In my next and final post on buying second hand fashion from your phone I’ll be talking about Depop!

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